African plint to incorporate into the interior ~ Tissue Box Case Edition ~

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How were you all spending during the year -end and New Year holidays? I spent my time alone after a long time and took a rest for my new year's work and private.

I also cleaned the room and changed the interior. I am not good at cleaning, but when it became beautiful, I felt very comfortable and refreshed.

By the way, this is an introduction of a tissue box case using African plastic. Please take a look as it is a product that is also the point of the interior.

1. Product points and size
2. Tissue box type usage feeling
3. Active in other than tissue boxes

1. Product points and size
The point of this case is that it is not only used and used, but also has a hook on it, so it can be stored.

And the size is about 28㎝ x vertical about 12㎝ x about 13 cm in depth.

It is also possible to adjust the position to stop the Velcro and put a large tissue box.

2. Tissue box type usage feeling

There are various types of tissue boxes now. Please see it because it was stored by type.

This is a typical paper box tissue.
One fits and looks like this.

In my home, I hang out in the washroom like this. The washroom with a cold impression also becomes brighter.

It is also recommended to use it in the car.
If you put it behind the passenger seat like this, you will not take a place.

This is a compact type tissue. With this type, it will fit better if you store two layers.

And if it becomes a large size such as a moisturizing tissue, it may not fit.

In that case, I take out the box and store the tissue directly. If you put it out in the box, you won't see it.

It is stored like this. In this way, the upper velcro will be stuck firmly.

3. Active in other than tissue boxes
It is a size similar to a tissue box, and it is a bit like putting it out as it is, and I will introduce how it is used in this case.

First of all, this kitchen paper.
It is a type that is easy to take out like a tissue. This is the perfect size if you put two stacks.

Put the magnet hook on the refrigerator, use it next to the sink, and it is very easy to use, and the kitchen is bright, so you can cook comfortably.

This is a disposable rubber glove used for preventing rough hands, outside work, and prevention of infection. This box is also perfect.

It is convenient because it can be taken out in the room as it is without storing it in the shelf, and it can be taken out quickly when you want to use it. It is a little good to look out in the box, and it is recommended for those who are inconvenient to keep it.

Here is the last. Storage of mask boxes.

I think many people use cloth masks, but I think they may be preparing non -woven cloth masks.
I sometimes carry it for spare, so I put it on the entrance so that I don't forget it.

It is ideal because it can prevent lost items and become interiors.

How was that?
I introduced this time onlineTissue box caseIs posted. There are also colorful, interior accents, chic and different types.

We will continue to increase home time, but I hope that you will incorporate African plints into the interior items and feel a little cheerful and energetic.

Let's enjoy the house time with your "like"!

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