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Sasaki Ikyois.

This year is just a few remaining.
The cold days continue, but I'm looking back on this year, thinking that the winter solstice has passed, and I can't wait for the days to gradually become longer.

And it is also a fun time to collect materials for the spring, what kind of fashion is trends for spring, and some colors for spring.

Today we will introduce the leather bag series, steratot and ribbon tote that can enjoy a different atmosphere from the Achero series.

1. Size and product points
2. How much luggage will it be? About bag capacity
3Introduction of coordination 

1. Points of size and product
First is Stellatot.

It looks like a very simple leather tote bag, but the bag is characterized by the fact that the lining is African plastic.

It is convenient because there is one pocket.
The size is vertical: about 38.5 cm x horizontal: about 31㎝, and the handle length is about 55㎝.

It is a size that can fit such a general magazine.

Next is a ribbon tote with a cute small bucket type.

The feature of this bag is that the handle is a ribbon type, so you can change the knot or change the length to your favorite feeling.

When you solve the knot, it looks like this.

The size of this bag is about 23cm in height x about 15cm in diameter of the bottom, and the handle length is about 35.5cm.

2. How much luggage will it be? About bag capacity
Next, I will introduce the capacity of each bag.

Both look simple and refreshing, but their luggage is firmly fit.
First, Stellatot.

I'll put my luggage that I usually carry.

・ A4 size PC
・ 500㎖ tumbler
·name card holder
・ Towel handkerchief
·Pocket Tissue

It looks like this when you put it in a bag.

This bag is really refreshing because there is no gusset, but if you put your luggage like this, the whole will swell and you can put a lot of luggage.

Here is when I put my luggage.

Isn't it simple because it's simple?
My dad in my 60s liked to use it for work.
It is also recommended for gifts.

Next is the ribbon tote.
This is a very simple making with a solid lining and no pockets.
Here is the inside of the ribbon tote.

Here is the luggage I put in.

・ 500㎖ tumbler
・ Towel handkerchief
·Pocket Tissue

Here is the state when you put it in.

The tumbler with a tall tumbler can be easily entered, and what you need is an impression that you can keep it neatly.
There are no pockets, but not the other side will increase the capacity to enter the main unit.
If you put the details in the pouch, you will not be bothered.

If you put your luggage and hold it, it will look like this.

Even in this way of holding.

I have experience, but if you are low, you may be able to stick on the ground when you have a vertical bag.
There is no worry because you can adjust the length of this leather ribbon tote and the handle to adjust the length.
The model in the photo is 150 mm tall.

You can also hang it from your shoulder like this.

3.Introduction of coordination
Finally, we will introduce the coordination using the two bags we have guided this time.

Stellatot in casual style.
It complements the simplicity of the bag according to the cardigan of the pattern.

Next is a little beautiful.

The coat adds colored items according to the black one -tone outfit.
The bag is simple, so the outer coordination, which tends to be heavy, becomes light.
And the bag stands out.

Next is the ribbon tote.

Denim, short -length down jacket, sneakers, a sporty style of ribbon tote is added to add cuteness.

Next is the skirt style.

The same brown cardigan as Ribontotto is combined with a pleated skirt with a light impression of the curm tone, and the color is added with a muffler.
It is a ribbon tote perfect for a walk or going out.

How was that?
This time, as an introduction of leather products, we introduced Stellatot and ribbon tote.

RICCI EVERYDAY has a very strong impression of the Akero series, but we also have leather products as introduced.
If you still have a little African plastic bag, you are thrilled, but if you are worried, I think that if the lining is like a steratot, you can bring it.

The products introduced this timeonlinePlease take a look at it as it is also available.

And the leather products are very simple, so it will be nice to attach a key ring or wrap a scarf.key ringThere is also online.

I hope you will find your favorite style and items and enjoy every day.

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