African plint to incorporate it in table coordination ~ coaster edition ~

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Are you collecting something or a commitment point in your house?
I love eating and cooking, so I look at tableware and tableware. If you have something you like in the store, the tension will be very high and you will gradually collect what you like.

I love such tableware, and I will introduce African plastic coasters.



1. Points of size and product
2. Introduction of how to use

1. Points of size and product

The size is a general size of 9cm x 9cm.
It is the perfect size for placing glasses and coffee cups.

Because it is 100 % cotton, you can wash it at home.
Please be careful when washing with light colored items, as there is a concern about color transfer.

The back is plain and can be used reversible.

This timeTetris Blue & YellowAnd lowerGeometry / RippleIntroducing using the coaster
I will tell you.

2. Introduction of how to use
This is close to Christmas, so I will introduce how to use it according to the table coordination with the theme of Christmas.

Lunchon mat and table flower are mainly deep green, so you can see bright colored coasters.

It looks like this from the opposite seat.

Next, I changed the place mat to lemon yellow and coordinated it.

The only thing I changed was the luncheon mat, but the impression changes.

This is a coordination using the table center.

Since the table center is a pattern, the coaster uses a beautiful plain and green surface.

Next is a table coordination with a slightly pop and cute impression.

By giving a sense of unity on the color of the tablecloth and paper napkin, it is easier to organize even with a lot of patterns.

And African plints can be coordinated nicely when combined with Japanese items.

The color of the coaster with the tray and lacquer confectionery is combined to give a sense of unity.
The coaster pattern with a Showa retro atmosphere is perfect for items such as Japanese tableware.

And why not try using coasters not only as tableware, but also around desks and interior items?

It is also recommended to use a colorful coaster for coffee time at your work desk to improve your mood.
Also, I can lay it under a pen stand and make it a point.

And it is a cute item even if it is laid under a vase or a small houseplant planter.

Not only green, but a coaster is the perfect item when you want a little color.

Why don't you incorporate it into a washroom and make it a bright water around?

How was that?
This time, I introduced a coaster as an African plint to incorporate it in table coordination.

Why don't you use your favorite items like your clothes and enjoy your meals and tea time like your clothes?
In my home, everyone often uses the same place mat and coasters, but depending on the mood at that time, they often choose their favorite and use them.
By doing so, I feel better and more delicious.

There may be basics in table coordination, but I hope that you can enjoy every day without thinking firmly.
The pattern is different from the one introduced this time
coasterIt is also posted on the online store, so please choose your favorite one.

May the table coordination and interior be more nice with your "like" ...

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