[November 20, 2020] Introduction to how to use small items-Passport case-

RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama directly managed store) memberIkuyo Sasakiis.

The other day, when I went to a general store, there were already New Year's items lined up next to Christmas goods. I realized once again that it was such a season.

By the way, this time I would like to introduce a passport case made from denim fabric and African print fabric.
This is a masterpiece item that sells out as soon as it arrives in stores or online.

However, you may think that your passport case is ... because you can't easily go on a trip now.
But here, it is an item that can be used in various scenes other than the passport case. I would like to tell you about its charm.

1.Item points 
2.Introduction of how to use 
3.Introduction of coordination 
1. Item points

The biggest point of the passport case is that there are 14 partitions and pockets, large and small. The whole looks like this.

The other side is made of denim only.

And an important sense of size.
The entire case is approximately 25 cm wide x 14 cm long.

There is also a strap that can be hung diagonally.

There is one pocket on the outside.
And when you open the zipper ...

So many pockets will appear!
There is also a part with a zipper, so it is safe to put in small items or items that you do not want to drop.

The partition and pocket part look like this.

There is also a pocket on the back of the zipper.
With this much storage space, it's easy to organize various things.

2.Introduction of how to use
"I don't use my passport ..."
Unfortunately, it's not easy to travel now, and it seems like that.
Therefore, here we will introduce an example of how to use it conveniently other than traveling with a passport case.
First of all, here you can maximize the storage capacity.

It can be used as a wallet or bag.
All of these items that I always go out with will fit.

With the contents of your wallet out, you can store your bills and cards directly in the passport case to make it compact, put small items such as hand cream and earphones in the zipper pocket for neat storage, and put the scarf in the large outer pocket It will not wrinkle.

It really has a storage capacity, and you can bring it as an outing item instead of a pochette.
Of course, you can also put your smartphone in it.

Even in the outer pocket.

The next is this.

You can also use it as a makeup pouch.
All of the items in the photo are also included here.
Makeup tools are surprisingly bulky and take up a lot of space.
If you put it here, you can organize it very neatly.

Brushes can be stored in this pocket so they won't lose their shape.
And next is the usage that I introduced for the multi-case, but it is a sewing tool case.

You can store threads, measuring rods, pin cushions, etc.
The bright African print storage case will make sewing more enjoyable.

You can also use it as a pen case because it can be stored upright like this.

In addition, it can be used for various purposes such as collecting hygiene products such as masks, wet wipes and alcohol sprays, as well as mother and child notebook cases and accessory cases.

Introduction of coordination
As we have introduced, the passport case has a really large storage capacity, so you can use it as a substitute for your bag.
Therefore, here we will introduce the coordination using the passport case.
First of all, an active style like going on a trip like this.

The denim style is perfect for passport cases made of denim material.

Next is a little feminine style.

If you hold the flared skirt in a clutch style to match the beautiful jacket style, it will be an outing style.

This is an item used as a casual down by hanging diagonally on the skirt style, and it can also be an accent for coordination.

And next is clutch style.

I match it with a slightly formal black dress using chiffon fabric and lame material.
I think it will be difficult to hold this year because everything you need is compactly organized, but it is a very convenient item for party scenes such as Christmas parties.

What did you think?
This time, I introduced the passport case with a spotlight.
The point of the passport case is exactlyStorage capacityis.

We hope that you can use it as a passport case to color your daily life until the day when you can travel freely around the world. It is also available in the online store, so be sure to favorite it.passport casePlease try to find.

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