African plint to incorporate into the interior ~ cushion cover edition ~

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This year has only been a month until Christmas.
I love this season when the city is gorgeous, so I collect Christmas goods one by one every year and enjoy the holiday season interior.

This time, one of these interior items is the introduction of the cushion cover.
I think that it is easy to incorporate a cushion cover and enjoy African printing.
We will also introduce usage other than the cushion cover, so I would be glad if you could read it to the end.

1. Points of size and product
2. Introduction of how to use

1. Points of size and product

The size is a size that can be used for a general cushion of 45㎝ x 45㎝.
Because it is 100 % cotton, you can wash it at home.
Please be careful when washing with light colored items, as there is a concern about color transfer.

Incorporating one African cushion cover will make the entire room brighter, and your mood will be brighter.
This eye pattern is particularly like the sun, so it feels good.
Not only the sofa but also the chair is cute.

2. Introduction of how to use
You can enjoy the cushion cover in this way.

First of all, how to put a cushion in the car.
Wouldn't it be surprisingly sober in the car?
I want to change the image a bit, I want to change the image, and I enjoy the atmosphere.

Even if you put it in the back seat.
The inside of the car is bright and fun.

It is also an example of how to use it in the car, but it is laid when driving a seat cushion, but this is also a very plain color ... so the size is perfect. I tried it.

This is before covering.

Here is the cover.
With this, it seems to be able to drive in a bright and fun mood!

Next is how to use a chair cover.
What a sober chair.

Put the cover on the backrest like this.

The remaining part of the fabric is lightly wrapped around the leg and tied with color rubber and stopped.

It's like this.

The atmosphere of the chair changes drastically.

The sober chair has become a cute chair.
You can also use it for a stool here.

On the stool, the zipper is closed, so that the fabric is hung, and the remaining fabric on the back side is stopped with a safety pin.

The stool with a calm atmosphere is transformed into a colorful stool.

How was that?
This time, I introduced a cushion cover as an African plint to incorporate it into the interior.

Not only can you wear bags and clothes, but you can also use African plints as interiors.

Cushion CoverIs also posted on the online store, so please choose your favorite one.

Please enjoy your home time with African prints, where the rooms are getting brighter, when it gets cold and spend more time in the house.

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