[November 13, 2020] Introduction to how to use small items - Multi-Case Edition

This is Ikuyo Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill.

The cold of the morning and evening gradually strengthens, and I feel that the spine and the feeling do not become sharp in the cold air which was clear.
This timeMulti-case (pattern name: line of sight)It is an introduction.
Here, "I want another one because it was easy to use" is a product that there are customers who are repeatedly bought. I would like to tell you about its charm.

1. Size feeling and the point of the product
2. Introduction to how to use
3.Introduction of the customization method

1. Points and sizes of the product

The biggest point of the multi-case isFour zippered pocketsThere is aEach of them is separated.It is a point. You can organize and store small items in each pocket part.

And an important sense of size.
The entire case is about 21cm × 15cm.
The size of the zipper is 15 cm, the size of the inside of the pocket with the zipper opened is about 18cm × of the four, two are about 18cm of Yoko ×thate (depth) about 11cm, and the other two are about 18cm ×tate (depth) about 7cm.

The deeper one is here.

The shallow pocket is this way.

It is very convenient because it can be stored by dividing the place to put by the sense of size of what to store.

It is a feeling of size that the smartphone fits snugly in the pocket of the deep one.
It looks small, but in fact it's an excellent thing to get into something quite big.

2. Introduction to how to use
It seems to be convenient, but I'll use it for anything. It is thought that it is.
That's what I actually thought. But in this case, I can use a lot of things!

Here is an example of how to use it.

First this way. It is cutlery put.

There are various things such as metal ones, wooden ones, small ones, large ones, etc., and the inside of the drawer is unexpectedly messed up.
I put it in four pockets by kind. In this way, it is possible to store it neatly without the sound of gachagacha.
I think that it is good to use it as a cutlery put at the time of the outdoors.

Next is a pen case and a stationery case.

Because it is the length that a general ballpoint pen enters just right, it is perfect for a pen case. And because there is depth, it is the size that a square sticky note enters, too.
Because this case is thin without a lot of mats, it is possible to put together stationery neatly, and it does not come off even in the bag, and it does not get in the way.

And this is the idea we got from our customers.

It is the one that the set when riding in the car is stored in this.
He taught me a very nice idea, saying, "It's convenient to be able to go out as soon as you put in your driver's license, car keys, or what you need to get on."
It is a very convenient use at the time of the family transfer and a little there.

In this way, the bright African print multi-case can drive in a cheerful, exciting and cheerful mood.

The last one is here.

Sewing that becomes a lot of small things such as small tools and threads.
It is perfect for putting together threads, chakopens, bobbins, etc.
Embroidery yarn can also be stored in an easy-to-understand color.

In addition, it can be used for various applications such as puting receipts and summarizing hygiene products such as wet tissue and alcohol spray.

3.Introduction of the customization method
Some people say, "If you have four pockets that look the same, you're going to forget where and what you put them in."
It is also recommended to be customized in such a time.

In this way, we attached a zipper to the part with different colors of rubber and ribbons, identified it by color, attached a small charm, and received the idea of "ironing upriques" from customers.
It is easy if it can be glued with an iron.
You can bring your own multi-case wearing your favorite uprique.

How was it?
This time I was introduced by applying a spot to the multi-case.
Multi-case has more storage power than it looks, and it is a product that can be used in a multi-use exactly.
We hope you will use it according to your own lifestyle.

RiRICCI EVERYDAY's Products and CustomersI would be very happy if my lifestyle became even a little better with a little idea.
And when I see you again, I would appreciate it if you could share your ideas with me.

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