[October 16, 2020] a recommended accessory introduction total summary of the staff

It is 橋本奈楠子 of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama direct management store) member.

The looks of the sky came to seem to be completely autumns recently. Does everybody like the sky of which season? I like the sky from autumn to winter. The color of the setting sun is felt in a dark color than summer.

By the way, I want to send the total summary of "the staff recommended accessory introduction" that I introduced in an in studio gram to until now this time. Look at a colorful, pretty petty person by all means!

1, recommended accessory ① ~ cube porch ~
2, recommended accessory ② ~ cube porch 2~
3, recommended accessory ③ ~ cosmetics porch ~
4, recommended accessory ④ ~ key ring ~

1,Recommended accessory ① ~ cube porch ~

I sell it in the online storeCube porchI introduced me how は, Nakamoto mother of the joint founder used it.

It is an image to put cosmetics when I say a porch, and to carry it, but I put dried fruit and a tea bag of the tea and seem to be able to put a small rice ball for time when slight change of mind became vacant! I was surprised that there was such how to use.
Seemingly I look like a small porch, but, in fact, am the convenient porch which is included to a rice ball.

2,Recommended accessory ② ~ cube porch 2~

AgainCube porchIt is の appearance. A cube porch is one of the popular items even between the staff. From Kondo of the direct management store member, I introduced how to use from different viewpoints again.

I seem to put a battery charger for a PC and smartphones in a cube porch included more than a pretty appearance. In addition, the affinity with ミディアムアケロ is good, too and enters to just fit it. The cube porch which it is easy to use to pay a bag for a porch as well as a function, and to carry it is attention!

Because there is the thing of a colorful design, please check this product by all means in an online store.

3,Recommended accessory ③ ~ cosmetics porch ~

Another direct management store member,Cosmetic porch (small size)I seem to put a にさまざまな thing.

I put a scarf or a mask for protection against the cold at the time of stationery such as a pen or the masking tape and walk and, not to mention cosmetics, seem to carry it. To situation, the place where various things are put is attractive. In addition, it is a coating point because the cloth is thin if compact in a bag.

As for the cosmetic porch, the thing of the large size has preparation other than small size.

4,Recommended accessory ④ ~ key ring ~

The recommended item from the last direct management store member is a key ring today. I seem to attach a key ring of the whale-headed stork to eco-Bach who sells it at the direct management store for a point.

It is all handmade, and this key ring is made in Uganda, too.
Therefore expressions are different one by one, and even the same type of key rings are the points that there shows cute again.
The part of the bill is made with an African print and is stylish whale-headed stork!

How would about "a staff recommended accessory introduction total summary?" When the power of the color is really great, I feel me to be every day and am excited when I watch such a colorful thing.
If the power of this color is handed down to all of you, I am happy.

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