From summer to early autumn coordination points ~ Akello 4way ~

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It's been hot every day, but how are you all doing? After the evening, the temperature has dropped a little, making it easier to spend.

This time, we will deliver the theme of "From summer to early autumn coordination points ~ Akello 4way ~".
There are two patterns of coordination: black tops x beige wide pants, and a nuanced color dress, but the impression will change depending on the color pattern of Akello and how you hold it, so please take a look.

The first thing I would like to introduce is Akello 4WAY, which is based on bright green and has pink ivy-like plants drawn on the whole.
It is a bag with a very beautiful green color that is a point of coordination.

Since the color of the motif is pink, which is close to red, it goes well with beige and brown clothes, and it is a bag that is easy to match with autumn clothes as well as summer.

Next is Akello 4WAY with a brown and beige base and a large geometric pattern.
It's a bag with a color that goes well with any color, not to mention the season, so it's easy to coordinate and highly recommended.

It is also recommended for those who want to bring an African print bag but are a little worried about how to match it.

It's nice to match with the refreshing coordination of blue and green, so I would like you to try African print.

Next is Akello, which features a blue-based fabric and a red chimney-like pattern. 4WAY.
The red part is very eye-catching, but since it is based on a slightly subdued blue, it is not too flashy when you actually see it, and you can feel a little Japanese taste.

Using the strap to hang it diagonally gives an active impression, which is very convenient even when you have a lot of luggage.

It's cute even if you wear it casually to match the dress.

This is a color pattern that men can also bring, so it is recommended to share it as a gift or with your family.

At the end, the colors of orange and yellow are characteristic, and if you look closely, it is Akello 4WAY where a large picture is boldly drawn.

The color pattern is a little bold and impressive, but since it is a three-color bag, it is easier to coordinate than the one with various colors.

You can use it as a point to match the refreshing coordination of white shirts and dresses, or coordinate it with brown clothes in one tone.

What did you think. The situation is still unsettled, and I think we can feel free to go out like before. However, when I go out, I think that if you pay attention to the coordination a little, you will be able to enjoy going out more than ever.
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