[September 16, 2020] The back side of the African print ~ The meaning of the pattern ~

I'm Moe Nishino, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (a store directly managed by Daikanyama).

African prints are also used for skirts, dresses, and kimonos these days, but did you know that each pattern actually has a story?
Today, I will take you to such an unknown world of African prints.

1. Eye pattern

2. Swallow

3. High life

4. Circle Circle

1. [Eye pattern]

Many fans even at RICCI EVERYDAYEye pattern
I think the staff also has an item with this pattern. This pattern is in Akan used in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.
"Nsubra"Is called. Nsubra is a wellWater droplets dripping after drawing water from a well and ripples that spread when pebbles are droppedIt seems that it was designed with the image of.
Can't you see a drop of water making a popping noise in the tranquility and drawing beautiful ripples on the surface of the water?

This cuts out such a moment of nature"I don't know if it's good or bad, but your actions affect others anyway."It seems that the meaning is also included.
I'm deeply moved ...

2. [Swallow]

Next up isSwallowis. The swallow pattern seems to symbolize various things such as change, wealth and freedom. There are various theories, but the most famous one is"Today's wealth does not guarantee tomorrow's wealth"That is. The money has wings like this swallow, which means that if you don't hold it firmly, the money itself will fly to where you want to go.

When I hear this, it feels frightening, but the swallowsSymbol of good luckBut there is also. If you change your mind, it may encourage you to spend your money wisely!
Personally, I'm hoping that if you choose a swallow pattern item as an item to collect cash and passbooks, your fortune will improve.

3. [High life]

The third one I would like to introduce isHigh lifeis. This isIts roots are in the music genre "High Life" that originated in African countries, mainly in English-speaking countries such as Ghana... High Life is a fusion of West African and European music, and is a general term for popular music such as guitar, jazz, and brass bands.

It is said that the design of the print was done in Ghana, and by leaving it on the fabric in this way, this"High life spirit"Is passed on to the next generation. One African print is packed with the culture and thoughts of the African people!

4. [Circle Circle]

The last thing to introduceCircle Circleis. To overlapThe circle drawn on one side is the governmentRepresents. Traditionally, the ring is said to pay homage, but in contrast, this pattern has a handcuff motif.Symbol of law and justiceIt has become.
(Also in other areas, it is said to mean handcuffs)

This may be more important than any pattern to be clean and fair.

How was it? Looking back at each African print in this way, you can hear the breath of the African people! Please try to find your favorite pattern, including the meaning of these prints as well as the quick impression!





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