[2020 Year 10 month 30 day] African print popular pattern ranking~staff edition~

RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama directly managed store) is a member.

Last time.「African print popular pattern ranking customer editionThis time we will introduce the popular pattern ranking in the staff!

This year's African print edition will be held on 8 November.
We received comments from customers on various patterns of cloth, and it was a very fun project for the staff!
And we will be announcing the results of the same tournament in the staff.The results are different...!?
Please enjoy it.

1.Round 1: Holo Holo bird VS round
2.Round 2: swallows vs horsehoes
3.Game 3 Big Eye VS eye
4.Round 4: wave vs high life
5-1.Round 5 VS swallow
5-2.Round 6: eye VS high life
6-1.Image copyright Getty Images
7.In conclusion

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1.White bird
2.Round and round
3.Hose, hose.
5.Big eye
8.High life

The tournament table is here.

1.Round 1: Holo Holo bird VS round

In the customer edition, the winning round and round pattern.
But in the staff edition whopping...69 per cent・31 per cent%In, holohoro wins with a double score!
One of the charms of the holohoro pattern is the abundance of color variations.
What is unique to staff who are easy to touch many colors in shops and online stores?Could be the result!!

2.Round 2: swallows vs horsehoes

Attention animal pattern confrontation.In the customer edition, The Swallow won...。
In the staff editionSwallows 46% - hose 54%And, the horse wins by a narrow margin!
The hose pattern"Running ahead of rivals」It seems that the meaning is put.
The staff of RICCI EVERYDAY may be a lot of people who have a fighting spirit...!?

3.Game 3 Big Eye VS eye

Game 3 is a showdown of Big Eye vs eye between the powerhouses.
The result ... like the customer edition, the eye pattern wins.
Big Eye 15% - eye 85%And the eye pattern was overwhelmingly popular.
This confrontation that was thought to be a narrow margin,it is interesting that the eye pattern is winning with a difference in both customer edition and staff edition!

4.Round 4: wave vs high life
The showdown between the patterns that have deep-rooted fans.
The result is、Wave 36%・High Life 64%The High Life wins.This also became the same result as the customer edition!
High life is also one of the patterns with various color variations.I am also excited to see what colors will come next.

5-1.Round 5: Horohoro vs horse
The 5th round is a confrontation between the broken patterns in the customer edition!
The result isHolo Holo 78%, hose hose 22%"I'm not going to give up," he said.
This animal showdown is also won by Horo Horo...!

5-2.Round 6: eye VS high life
This is a confrontation between the patterns that we won in the customer edition.
The result is...Eye 67%・High Life 33%In the eye pattern victory.
Despite the popular high life, the eye pattern is a victory for the margin.

Next is the final!

6-1.Holo Holo VS eye
In the customer edition, it became a showdown of round and round VS eye,but the staff edition final was Horohoro vs eye.It was the second time in four years that the pair had been together.Well, the result is different from the customer edition?..!?

The result is、Eye-catching 88% - Holo Holo 13%It was a crushing victory of the eye pattern.
Customers and staff also won the award.After all, I felt that the popularity of eye pattern is strong.

7.At the end of the day
By holding this African print Koshien, we were able to hear a lot of comments about each pattern from our customers and staff.
Each person has different feelings for the same pattern,and I felt the charm of African prints with many patterns once again.Also, I would be happy if I could increase the variation of the pattern and hold it next time!

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