Sep. 18, 2020 - African Print Popular Ranking Customer

RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (代官山直営店) member Hashimoto.

Today's African Print Story column will deliver the "African Print Popular Ranking Customer"!

1) The background of the customer questionnaire
2) The first round of the holophore bird VS
3) Second round tubame VS Horse Horse
4.The Big Eye VS Eye of the Third Game
5. Wave VS High Life in the Fourth Game
6. Quasi-decision
6-1. VS swallows around the fifth round
6-2. 6th Eye VS High Life
7. Finals
7-1. VS Eye
8. After the questionnaire,

1) The background of the customer questionnaire
RICCI EVERYDAY offers a number of African print products, but it is said that "What kind of hilt is popular among customers?" The simple question of the staff was that they were actually trying to do a popular questionnaire of African prints.

But I made this plan because of the mystery of 'I can not do it!' and 'I can do something interesting!'

Just name me...

"African Print Koshiko"

Unfortunately this summer, the summer Gokoku High School baseball tournament was dropped, where RICCI EVERYDAY will replace the summer Gokoku tournament (? ) and named the African Print Kokoku Garden and conducted a questionnaire for customers!

This is a way to select some African prints and to examine which patterns are the most popular, not asking questions through Insta Storeies in the tournament format.

The selected hilts are as follows:

1. holophorobird
3.Horse Horse
5.Big Eye
6. Eye
7. Wave
8.High Life

And I asked this questionnaire in this combination as a tournament.

2. The first round of the holophore bird VS
The African Print Kokuen, which started with the pseudo-word confrontation of the holophoro VS, was both cute and silly.It's a pattern where coordination becomes pop.

The result of the first round is now!

Holoholo VS. The rotating rotating rotator is29 to 71This is a victory, and it is a victory!
Is there a lot of hot fans around?

3) Second round swallow VS hose
The second game is a confrontation.
The cool impression of the hose is a cute impression, and it is a popular two-piece among the RICCI EVERYDAY's sleeve handled.

This is the result.

The second game is a victory for swallows!58 vs. 42The swallow was one of the most popular swallows in RICCI EVERYDAY, so I thought it was a swallow, but I also had a hose horse.
It was an interesting result.

4) Big Eye VS Eye in the third round.
Now, next is the third round of attention. It is the big eye VS eye confrontation between the strong and strong.

The result is an eye win.34 pairs66There was a number!
I thought the result of this confrontation would be a little different, but I won the victory of the eye, and I do not know what will happen to the African Print Kokokoku Garden!
But it was funny.

5) Wave VS High Life in the fourth round.
This is the fourth round of the pattern confrontation, and this is the basis of a strong fan.

The fourth was a high-life victory.31 vs. 69If you explain the meaning of high life in the store, you can see that it is a very nice print. There are many guests who are talking about it with their eyes throbbing, and it is one of the most popular things.

6. Semifinals.
6-1. VS swallows around the fifth round
The semi-finals have become a high-level showdown, the fifth round being a swaggering VS swagger. Here's the result!

59 vs. 40But it was a pretty, pretty match, but it was a big match, and it was a big final, and what would it be like to be a opponent in the final?
Let's go to the sixth round.

6-2, 6th Eye VS High Life
The sixth game, which will be a confrontation between The African Print.
Can Highlife win the eye? This is the result.

65 vs. 35Then it's a win for Eye. It's a win for spare, isn't it?
But Highlife has worked hard here. (Laughing)

Now, the next is the final!

7. Finals.
7-1. VS Eye
The finals were a round-shaped confrontation between the VS eyes, and the shape was the same, but the two-piece each was a very different taste.
This is the result!

African Print Goko, the winner is Ai!
16 pairs84This was the victory of the slack.

We knew that the stains were popular before the questionnaire was conducted, but we did not think it was popular so far, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a popular pattern of immobile.

I was a great winner, but I knew that there were many people who liked it.

8. After the questionnaire,
These results are the results of the popular questionnaire of African prints.
Thank you for your help in the questionnaire, and every time you ask about 100 people, you can see the results every time you ask.

This time, I picked up a few hilts and asked them to look at the questionnaire, so I think they all like each other, so tell them what you like!

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