Introduction of new arrival patterns

I'm Takatsuki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

The hot days continue, and I feel the full -fledged summer visit.

Do you have any plans to look forward to this summer?

It's hot, so be careful about heat stroke! Please replenish water frequently and spend it without difficulty.

In this African Camp Lint Story, I would like to introduce some of the recently arrived cloth.

The following is the lineup.

1. tornado
2. Mountain range
3. Gaze / Blue & Yellow
Four. Ladder Yellow
Five. Space / White & Pink seen from the window

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1. tornado


"Tornado" is the point of the combination of yellow and red

The yellow of the background reminds you of the dry land such as the desert. The tornado that occurs there seems to come to my eyes ...

Also, does this pattern look like a ribbon used in rhythmic gymnastics?

2. Mountain range


"Mountains" where blue is the point

If you look closely, it looks like "M" in the alphabet. Maybe it's "M" of Mountain (mountain)?

Because it is a calm color, it is a pattern that seems to be active even in the fall!

3. Gaze / Blue & Yellow


Next is the "gaze" pattern.

The meaning of the pattern isThis columnBut I am introducing it!

It seems that the meaning of "God's Eye" and the meaning of "even if you clearly see some problems, some problems should not be publicly talked about."

Blue and yellow give a refreshing impression of summer.

Four. Ladder Yellow


This is a "ladder" pattern.

There are several color variations in this pattern, but this time we will introduce yellow.

If you look closely, do you notice that the red part is like a handrail stairs?

This staircase continues as long as the cloth length is long. If it may represent the length of life, you will read it deeply ...

Five. Space / White & Pink seen from the window


"The universe seen from the window" where the pattern looks like a waffle.

It is a pattern with an essence like a Japanese pattern even though it is an African print. It goes well with kimonos and yukata, so please take it together!

How was the introduction of the new cloth?

African plastic fabric can be used not only for clothes and bags, but also as an interior.

It is recommended to use it as a piano cover or use it on a sofa, so it will be an accent in the room!

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