That pattern of attention will soon appear! Column limited advance introduction


hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Autumn has finally arrived! I'm going to see the autumn leaves because I will enjoy this fall this fall. The Kanto area is still ahead (laughs)

By the way, this time, I will introduce the perfect patterns that are perfect for such autumn and the hottest patterns that will soon arrive.

Please enjoy it by all means☺︎

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1. Recommended pattern in autumn

2. Introducing the hottest pattern

3. At the end

1. Recommended pattern in autumn

Here are some recommended patterns and colors of the RICCI EVERYDAY staff you want to incorporate this fall. Yellow and orange are perfect for the coming season with warm colors. Also, depending on the coordination, it can be used all year round, so please refer to it.

High -life·yellow

"High Life" expresses music. There are various colors, but high -life yellow is recommended this fall!

The point is that you do not claim too much, as the color of the clothes fits down even if the tone is down.



Devil pattern recommended for those who want a little hard impression. It contains a trendy purple this season. Autumn purple coordination is also sent on Instagram, so please refer to it!


Swallow・ Orange & yellow

A swallow pattern that has the meaning of money. Especially orange & yellow have a gentle impression with retro shades. Now that it is easier to go out, it is recommended for those who want to build a new color.

2. Introducing the hottest pattern

Next is a new pattern introduction of everyone!

① Simaya

When I introduced it on Instagram, it was very popular, saying, "Cute!" Acheroyoko and two colors of white and orange will be arrived somewhere this month. Do not miss it.


② Bud

This pattern like a cacao fruit, like a mango. The bud part is not the primary color red, so you can make the coordination gorgeous without claiming too much.


③ Learn in the classroom

This pattern using warm orange.Previous columnBut do you know you introduced it? It is said to have been born in the process of the "civilization opening policy" in Europe's colonial policy and in the literacy movement.


3. At the end

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