Easy! Handmade with African printing♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The morning and evening are getting colder. Recently, I am looking forward to making warm soy milk after returning home and taking a break. Do you have any recommended warm drinks or fun this season?

In this column, it has been well received.Cloth MarcheWe will introduce how to use the RICCI EVERYDAY staff and customers that are actually handmade with African plastic fabric and easy to use African plastic fabrics!

1. What can you do with a cloth 1m?

2. Ideas from customers

3. Easy utilization technique

Four. in conclusion

1. What can I make with a cloth 1m?

Many customers say, "I haven't decided what to make, but I want to make something ...!" In such a case, there are many people who buy a cloth 1m for the time being.

(Sold on RICCI EVERYDAYAfrican plastic fabricCan be purchased in width 120㎝, 50cm units. )

So, I would like to tell you what you can make with a cloth 1m based on my actual experience.

First, eco -bag.


I made something of about 60 cm long. Since there was plenty of room, I put a pocket inside so that I could store it when I folded the eco bag.

There is still surplus cloth. So, I made a kin -cha -jaku bag with the same cloth.


Refer to the photos I saw on Instagram, I made a collaboration kin -cha -kin -jaku bag in Africa and Asia in combination with Tyrolean tape purchased when traveling in Vietnam!

It is cute even when combined with something other than African plint! It was discovered♪

There was still more cloth, so I made a headband.


This is just a commercially available plain headband with an African plastic fabric wrapped around and sewn the edges. I like it because I can easily incorporate African prints.

So far, I was able to make three accessories. There is still extra cloth! How to use the remainder cloth is ""3. Easy utilization techniqueI hope you can refer to it.

With only 1m African plastic fabric, you can make a lot of things. Please make various accessories with your favorite pattern!

2. Ideas from customers

I received a lot of answers when I recruited ideas for handmade African plastic accessories from customers on Instagram.♪Thank you for answering!

Below, I would like to introduce the ideas I received.

[Interior item]

・ ・ Goodwill

·table cloth

It is recommended to use it as an interior item because it can be made relatively easily just by sewing the edge of the cloth.♪

Some customers who have come to the directly managed store are used as a cover of a wall or a sofa or bed.

[Fashion item]

·one piece


·Children's wear

Clothes are a little advanced ... but if you can spend your favorite patterns, you will be happy! Recently, how to make simple clothes on the Internet has been shared, so why not try it?

Personally, if you make styles and baby bulbs with African plints, you will be delusional that they will be so cute ...!

[Small goods / miscellaneous goods]

・ Diaper case


・ Clothing

・ Stuffed animal with hagire

It is a handmade place to be able to make your favorite size and functionality according to the application. If you are worried that "there is nothing right ...", you can make it yourself!

The stuffed animal made with Hagile is absolutely cute! It seems good to use a hagire set currently on sale at a directly managed store.

3. Easy utilization technique

I think some people say that using a sewing machine or hand -sewing is high.

Here, we will introduce easy utilization techniques that can be done with adhesive and scissors!

① Paste on the box

Just stick it on an empty box or empty can to quickly turn into colorful accessories and interior items.

As you may have come to the store, you may know, but directly managed stores use a box with African plastic fabric as an alcohol disinfecting case.


It's also fashionable to use a box with a cloth as a stand.♪

Just loading the box seems to color the room gorgeously.


② Panel

African plastic fabric can be applied to canvas or wooden boards to make a panel.

(Cardboard boards may be easier and better ...!)

Recommended because it does not take up space to decorate.

It is nice to put it in a photo frame or forehead and decorate the African print like a painting.

③ Used for gift wrapping

Why don't you use African plastic fabric for wrapping gifts for loved ones in the future?


I wrapped it in a furoshiki bath with a 50㎝ x 120cm cloth.

It looks cute, has no garbage and is eco -friendly, so two birds with one stone!


If you decorate it with a ribbon or card, it will be pleased.

It's nice to put a handmade extra cloth on a ribbon or put it on a card.♪



Four. in conclusion

How was it? How to use African plastic fabric is endless!

FavoriteAfrican plastic fabricPlease find and enjoy the handmade.

If you have any handmade things, I hope you can share it on SNS and let me know! We are waiting for many ideas♪

In addition, we are currently conducting a 5 % off campaign at the online store and directly managed store that will be 5 % off at the same time as the African plastic fabric and the Sukahoshi book. For details on the campaign and "Sekahoshi book"This columnSo, how to use the campaignHerefrom.

Until the end Thank you for reading. I hope you will continue to enjoy cloth Marche.

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