What is African print that suits winter fashion?


Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In December, the temperature has fallen, and the outfit of the people in the city has become winter.

What kind of African cards do you use in winter fashion?

When you hear African plint, many people associate "summer". However, as you all know, African prints have various motifs, not just summer ones. In addition, since the colors inspired by nature are used, it is surprisingly easy to match for winter coordination, which tends to have a lot of dull colors!

For those who say, "Even if you say that, it's difficult!"

Please refer to it when incorporating it into the coordination.♪

1. Warm color

2. Winter -like pattern

3. Pattern regardless of the season

Four. in conclusion

1. Warm color

Choosing African plints with a color that feels warm and colorful will make you familiar with winter fashion.


Big Eye Orange & Khaki

Popular "Big Eye". In winter, it has a calm orange with a color close to brown.



Brown and sharp pattern match the winter dark tone fashion.



A pattern with an elegant and mature atmosphere with purple. The coordination with reduced colors such as monotone will be stylish at once.


The universe seen from the window・ White & pink

African plint with a cute atmosphere with a color like a cafe latte and a round pattern.



Looking at this pattern, is it only me who imagines native Americans? Perfect for casual style such as leather and denim!


Mokomoko E

The reddish brown raises the temperature of winter coordination. Blue and green are also used, so it fits a wide range of coordination.

2. Winter -like pattern

If you choose a motif that resembles winter, you will have a winter coordination with the protagonist.



As the name suggests, a pattern reminiscent of crystal. Combined with the white knit, it is a snowfish coordinates!


Desert jewelry

A sparkling atmosphere that looks like a snow crystal. The exquisite color matching of ocher x fluorescent food is mode! I feel like I want to match it with a black long coat ...



A pattern reminiscent of winter flowers, camellia. It's a Japanese pattern, so why not bring it along with the New Year's kimono?



This is also a pattern with a Japanese atmosphere. The No. 1 African print that you want to have when you go to Hatsumode!

3. Pattern regardless of the season

If you choose a pattern that does not make you feel the seasonal feeling, you can easily incorporate African prints into winter coordination.


Holohoro・ Blue & Red

"Horoholo" is popular because of its outstanding ease of matching. It can be used regardless of the season.



Simple checks can be used for a pop color when it comes to African prints. Excellent compatibility with dark tone coordination and denim.



"Wave" is a great support from casual people. If you choose a calm color, it will be easy to match with winter coordination.


Circle circle・ Pink & yellow

"Circle circle" is easy to match with any style, from casual to mode. Please choose the color that suits your style.

Four. in conclusion

How was it? I would be grateful if you could refer to your coordination. In the winter when the tone of the clothes tends to be dark, try to incorporate African prints into the coordination. It shines very much!

And please share your winter fashion x African print coordination on SNS etc.! (In that case, don't forget the RICCI EVERYDAY tag♪)

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