Which pattern do you like? 2021 popular Pattern Award☆

Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY. There are only a few more this year! I am thinking about which 2022 lucky bags (all foods) should be used.

How do you spend the year -end and New Year holidays?

By the way, this time, entitled the Pattern Grand Prize, which was popular in 2021 appropriate for the end of the year, will be announced in each ranking of the patterns loved by many customers this year with standard patterns and limited patterns.

Please take a look while thinking of your favorite pattern.

1. Classic pattern

2. Limited pattern

3. Extra edition

Four. bonus

1. Classic pattern

5th place: Uzumaki

The colors may be different on the front and back, and I heard that they would use them according to their clothes. Do you have this pattern at the store? And many inquiries.


4th place: Holohoro

The pattern of the birds that also loves the representative, Nakamoto. The slightly sloppy design is cute again. If you get lost, this! It is a pattern that I want to recommend.


3rd place: Swallow

The most popular swallow was turquoise and yellow. Although it is a color that gives a refreshing impression, I think that the swallow pattern is the easiest to use all year round.


2nd: Wave

Easy to use regardless of gender! I have a comment. Many people said, "I thought it was flashy, but if I took it, I would use it for various coordination!" You can see the popular reasons.


1st place: Big Eye

After all it is an immovable big eye. We buy cloth so that it is always in stock, but the combination of colors varies depending on the season, so you can enjoy it in various variations! 

By the way, here are the most popular colors of Big Eye.

Turquoise & green


Passion pink & green


Purple & yellow


Many RICCI EVERYDAY customers like blue green.

2. Limited pattern

The African plastic market changes every time. That's why there are patterns that can only be met at that time. It is fun to meet by chance. Meanwhile, let's look at the popular patterns this year!

5th place: Waves of tiles

Is it because it is similar to a wave? The waves of the tiles are ranked in! Purple was also used for clothes. It's simple, but it's a very nice design.


4th place: Yarn

When it appeared first, a pattern that became Sold Out immediately. It's cute. As an aside, I was sold out while I was wondering if I could buy it.

The point is that the color differs depending on the place where one cloth is cut.

3rd place: Vibes

Vibes currently introduced in four colors. The combination of blue and red is a combination of color unique to African prints.


2nd: Big Flower

This is "The African Print". The bold pattern big flower is an accent of coordination with this one!


1st place: Plumeria

This pattern is characterized by bright colors. Clothes, bags, and accessories were all popular. The main feature is that it is easy to use all year round because it is mainly warm colors.

3. Extra edition

In addition, we will introduce the patterns that have been frequently contacted by SNS and e -mail.

① Zebra

Zebra was very popular since the first time I was introduced on Instagram! It's irresistible for animals lovers. A large zebra that can be drawn only because it is an African plint is definitely attracting attention.♡


② Tatsuno Otoshigo Jewelry

There were quite a lot of comments such as "I'm aiming!" The pink color that is easy to incorporate is good!


③ Kujak

This is a popular pattern that appeared again recently. I like the pattern like botanicals. Please look forward to it as it may be in stock in the future!


④ Hose hose

A pattern that was introduced in Sukahoshi, which was aired in March 2021, and attracted attention at once. At the time of this broadcast, there was no stock of the hose hose ... I was sorry that I could not guide you despite many inquiries.



Four. bonus

From here, we will announce the best 3 private👏

I hope you read it lightly (laughs)

3rd place: Tsubaki

Look, this beautiful orange! When the clothes came out, the staff said, "Let's wear this most!"


2nd place: Leaves on the river surface

I'm worried too much and I'm worried for more than half a year. If you bring it, it will be more familiar than it looks, so it looks good.


1st place: Bubble Red & Green

When I saw this pattern in the message episode, I was inadvertently clicked (laughs).

How was it? If there is something like "I'm waiting for this pattern!"

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