For your own lucky item! "Color x African plint"

Hello, this is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

January is also mid -January. It's still cold, and I'm cold and my hands and feet are cool from morning till night. It is desperate to use gloves, drink warm drinks and cool your body. Please be careful about your physical condition and keep it warm.♪

By the way, today we will deliver a column that focuses on the "color" of African plint!

1. The meaning of coloring

2.At the end

1. The meaning of coloring

How do you choose an item of Achero bags or African plints? Favorite pattern, favorite color, fit to coordination ... I think there are many things.

This time, we will focus on "meaning and power of color" to further deepen the appeal of African prints.♪

For example, "red". Red means passion and heat -up. Many people may imagine red when you hear "game color".

There is such a pattern in the African plastic lint using red.

Akello Bag 4WAY 


A secret key pattern that gets eye -catching. Green and purple on the red background accented, giving a slightly calm impression.



Red -colored items may help you with an important promise or when you want to maximize your power.

"Orange" means "lively" and "action power". Orange, which has a summer -like image, is a color that gives power.

Denim Momo -Rope Blue-


This is an exquisite rope pattern with an orange and blue combination. In addition to the orange "livelihood", it is a combination that combines "calm", which is a feature of blue, which will be introduced later.

Akello Pochette 

The characteristic of orange is that when combined with a similar color yellow, it gives a brighter impression.

When trying new things, you will definitely get power from orange colors when you have to step on it!

The last color is blue. "Blue" means "calm" and "analysis". If you look at the blue color, you may be calm.

Click here for the African plint where blue is the point.

Mini Akello 


A "blue crystal" pattern with a gorgeous impression. When combined with simple colored clothes such as monotone, the coordination becomes brighter.

I. Mask -Arrow / Pink & Blue-


At this time when a mask is indispensable, it is also important to use color items for the mask.

When you want to calm down a little and calm down, blue items may help you.

2.At the end

How was this column?

The feature of African plint is that you can enjoy the combination of color. By combining the colors you need according to your mood, it will be your own lucky item.♪

By all means, please pay attention to "color" when choosing an African print.


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