Spring -like! Special feature on floral African plastic

Hello, this is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The end of the new year is about to end in March.

Is it only me who wants to wear a flower pattern in spring? African plastic floral patterns are cute and cute!

In today's column, we will introduce selected floral patterns.

1. Big flower

2. Plumeria

3. Flower stamp

Four. Small flower

Five. Recommended cherry blossom viewing spots

1. Big flower

The first thing I want to introduce is Big Flower.


Akello Bag 4WAY -Big Flower Red & Blue- / 13,200 (tax included)

Gorgeous big flower pattern. Large flowers are eye -catching.


(The photo is a mini -kero)

Big Kinki Bag -Big Flower Blue & Orange- / 5,280 (tax included)

Abundant color variations.

This gives a calm impression.

Big Flower productsHerefrom♪

2. Plumeria


Medium Akello -Purmelia Orange - / 11,550 (tax included)

Plumeria pattern with a bright impression. Because it is lined up neatly, it gives you a good feeling.

The bright yellow is a pattern that makes you look like a lively atmosphere.


Plumeria Light Blue / 3,850 (tax included)

The color based on the green and orange is a different impression.

It gives a soft impression, so it is easy to coordinate.♪

Premeria productsHerefrom♪

3. Flower stamp

Akello Yoko -Flower stamps - / 13,200 (tax included)


(The photo is Akero 4way)


Toilet paper holder -Flower stamps - / 2,970 (tax included)

Orange x blue floral pattern here.

The combination of playful colors is perfect for spring out!

Flower stampsHerefrom♪

Four. Small flower

Mini Akello -Shouka / Blue- / 10,450 (tax included)

A small flower pattern featuring fine flowers. The fabric is also blue, giving a cool impression.


(The photo is Akeroyoko)


Travel Perth -Shohana / Yellow- / 3,520 (including tax)

Blue is accented in small flowers and yellow.

They will summarize in a chic atmosphere together with a slightly dark yellow.♪

Kohana's productHerefrom♪

Five. Recommended cherry blossom viewing spots

Saigoyama Park is about 9 minutes on foot from RICCI EVERYDAY Daikanyama directly managed store. By all means, when you come to the store, please try to extend your cherry blossom viewing.♪

It's nice to go to cherry blossom viewing with a floral bag!

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