Meaning in the back pattern of African plint Vol.4

hello. I'm Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Finally, the rainy season has been announced ...

If the weather is overwhelming, the mood tends to sink, isn't it?

In such a case, I want to look at the colorful and powerful African prints and improve my feelings.

I'm decorating the room with an African print on the photo stand,

At a sudden moment, you will naturally be motivated and refresh!

The African plint that gives us healing and energetic with the pattern and color itself, but if you know the meaning of them, you will definitely have more attachment to cloth!

I would be glad if you could read it to the end.

1. Botanical

2. Pearl floating in the sea

3. watch

Four. in conclusion

1. Botanical

Many African plastic designs are derived from Indonesia.

In particular, the early wax print was based on a motif from Java, Indonesia.

The combination of many flowers, stems, and ivy, such as botanicals, are developed from the original draft of Indonesian and are popular among people for a long time.

Botanicals are also called "trees of life".

If you say so, you can feel the vitality of the plants from the cloth!

2. Pearl floating in the sea


African plint has also played a role in conveying women's messages.

It is also a weapon that speaks their thoughts and conveys their affection.

It is said that the pearls floating in this sea mean "young people", "their partner", and "obedient men".

It seems to be named "Jenite".

In addition, there is no photo, but the pattern of the heart pattern is obediently communicated, and the pattern where bird baskets are popping out of the open bird basket, "If you go, I will go out." There are various meanings, such as telling them.

It's interesting to express affection with a cloth pattern! If there is a person who is worried, it seems that you will check the pattern you are wearing.

3. watch

In African plastic, there are many motif patterns such as accessories and decorations.

These are said to have a strong influence in Europe and the United States.

As women who work in the advanced service industry have learned colorful clothes and luxurious accessories, such patterns have been adopted in African prints, meaning "social success."

In addition to women, decorations for men are frequently used as African plastic patterns.

It can be said that there are many indispensable items and accessories that symbolize wealth for stylish men such as watches, belts, and ties as shown in the photo.

Even if the motif is an accessory for men, it seems that the African plint is not for men and uses it regardless of gender.

The idea of ​​using the decorative items that I wear into a cloth handle is novel, and I feel that I can hardly think of it!

Four. in conclusion

The back side of the African plint, how was the meaning of the meaning in the pattern vol.4?

This time, I also picked up rare patterns.

I would be grateful if you could feel that the pattern was formed as well as the pattern of the pattern, but also the pattern that the pattern was formed!

African plint is deep! It may be fun to think that this may be this while looking at the pattern yourself.


Anne Glofele, Dakosta Yoshimura translation (2019) "History and characteristics of African cloth that traveled around the Wax Print" Book Printing Co., Ltd.

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