Handmade smock with African plastic♪

Hello, at Nakajima on RICCI EVERYDAYvinegar.

This week it gets cold, and the negative temperature and snow are expected ...!

Let's spend warmly at home without overdoing it♡

I think some people will be handmade at home.

It's just the admission season, so how about making kindergarten goods with African plints ..?

This time, I will introduce how to make a smock!

table of contents

1. Make a smock

2. Introduction of African plastic fabric

3. At the end

1. Make a smock


A smock that is often needed in kindergartens and nursery schools.

Isn't there a lot of people who are handmade ..?

African plastic smock is unusual! ?

To make a 110cm size smock, prepare a 110cm x 110-150cm cloth.

Way of making

  • Prepare a pattern
  • Cut the fabric
  • Make a baia stapemake
  • Make a pocket
  • Connect the sleeves
  • Sew the collar
  • Sew the cuffs
  • Sew a hinge




Here is the completed smock!

I made it using high -life light blue fabric.

The large design and light blue color are very cute, isn't it?♪

2. Introduction of African plastic fabric

RICCI EVERYDAY holds cloth Marche between 1/20 and 2/19!

African plastic fabric is sold in 50cm units.

This time, I will introduce some of them.

African print fabric -Remon cookies- (¥ 1,430 / 50cm)

African print fabric -Wave Blue & Red- (¥ 1,430 / 50cm)


African print fabric -The High Life Light Green- (¥ 1,430 / 50cm)

I think they all have a cute colorful pattern for small children!

The width of the fabric is about 120cm.

It is also good to use different accessories and hagire with the surplus cloth!

thiscolumnThen, we are introducing handmade using African plints, so please take a look.♪

3. At the end

Until the end Thank you for reading.

May your home time and daily life be more colorful and fun♪

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