Survive late and winter with warm colored African plint♪

Hello, I'm Ishii from RICCI EVERYDAY.

The sun is getting warmer. However, it's still cold, so everyone should be warm.

This time, we will introduce a warm African print that will survive the cold late and winter.

It is recommended because the warm color pattern will give you a "feeling" even if you hold it in spring and summer!

1. Effect of color

2. Recommended pattern that makes you feel warmth

3. Coordination using warm items

Four. in conclusion

1. Effect of color

Did you know that colors have more effects than visually enjoying?

It is said that the warm colors of red and orange have a psychological effect that enhances and motivates them by looking at it.

And the warm color is a color that can feel warm, so why not try it in late and winter coordination?

2. Recommended pattern that makes you feel warmth

  • Honey cookie

Zakuzaku Tote -Honey cookies- (¥ 8,360)

It is a pattern that is based on yellow and orange, which makes you relax just by looking at it.


Wallet bag -honey cookie- (¥ 6,050)

The pattern is different depending on the item, so you can enjoy a different expression again.

  • I Pink Orange & Orange Yellow

Eco -Ee Pink Orange & Orange Yellow- (¥ 4,950)

This year's trend color, the pattern used by magenta.

There is no doubt that the coordination will be gorgeous!

  • Pink fan

Kikoy Marché Bag -Pink fan- (¥ 5,390)

It is a fun pattern that uses many colors such as pink, yellow, and blue.

If you wear it, you will feel better♪

  • Zebra Brown

Zakuzaku Tote -The Zebra Brown- (¥ 8,360)

It is a warm orange pattern that is easy to match with any coordination.

3. Coordination using warm items

Akello bag4way38 -Big Eye -Light Orange & Khaki- (¥ 15,180)


It is a perfect item for brown coordination.

It is a color that is familiar to any coordination, so you can use it widely.

Shoulder Kinchak -Morning Greetings- (¥ 3,520)


Shoulder kincchak that can be used as a bag -in -bag or sub -bag.

If you take it out from the main bag quickly and use it, it will brighten the coordination of this period, which tends to be dark.

3. in conclusion

How was it?

Let's survive the cold late and winter with a warm African print.

African plints can be incorporated into coordination throughout the year, so you can enjoy various variations coordination.♪

Please check the items by all means.

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