What is the most popular pattern? The popular pattern of African plint has been decided♪

Hello, this is Oda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The harsh winter cold has been much peaceful and the spring sunshine has become a season.

The plum blossoms were in full bloom, and many people came to the local park.

It is around this time that I want to go to many events where you can feel the coming of spring.♪

By the way, in this column, we will introduce the summary of the "RICCI EVERYDAY African Campaign Ranking" which was held at the same time as the cloth Marche on the RICCIEVERYDAY official Instagram in February!

Please read it to the end while feeling "this pattern comes in!" "Is this pattern popular!"♪

1. What is "RICCI EVERYDAY African Plastic Ranking"?

2. Voting ranking results: 8th to 5th

3. Voting ranking results: 4th to 2nd

Four. Voting ranking results: Dignified first place!

Five. in conclusion

1. What is "RICCI EVERYDAY African Plastic Ranking"?

The RICCI EVERYDAY African Plastic Pattern Ranking is a popular African plastic vote held with the official Instagram account, along with the cloth Marche held from January to February 2023.

The customer was voted with which of the two patterns, and it was held in a tournament format where you could win!

The tournament table is as follows!

By the way, what pattern will win the first place this time?

2. Voting ranking results: 8th to 5th

First of all, it is an introduction from 8th to 5th!

8th place: Ice age

The eighth place is the ice age!

The average shape, such as the mountains, is a pattern that reminds you of the African mountains.

Popular as a classic pattern♪

Akello Bag 4WAY 38 -Come Age Yellow & Pink - / ¥ 15,180

Products with ice -aged patternsHerefrom♪

7th place: Summer Haguri

The seventh place was summer tuna!

This will be a new pattern released this February.

The pattern as if the cheerful pag was dancing is impressive.

6th: Wave

The sixth place is wave!

The wave is a pattern designed with the image of the sandy land waving, and it is a pattern that has been used for a long time in Africa, which is said to be "the ups and downs of life". increase.

It is a feature of this pattern that it can be cute and cool with the combination of color.♪

Cosmetic Pouch M -Wave Lime Green & Orange- / ¥ 3,080

Wave pattern products areHerefrom♪

5th: Honey cookie

The fifth place is honey cookies!

This is a pattern released last year, and it is a pretty pattern like a honey and cookies.

It is a pattern that transmits a crisp feeling through the screen.♪

Kikoy eco circle white -Honey cookies / ¥ 6,050

Honey cookie pattern productsHerefrom♪

3. Voting ranking results: 4th to 2nd

From here on, we will introduce some of the most popular patterns in the 4th place.♪

4th place: Daichi Odori

In the fourth place, the new pattern, the earth, which was released in February this year, was ranked in!

It is a pattern that conveys the rhythmic atmosphere of the grassland and earth that seems to be in a good mood.

The color is chic, so it is easy to use for work.♪

3rd: Lemon Cookie

In the third place, Lemon Cookie, which was released last year, is ranked!

Is the secret of the popularity of gemstones with a cute yellow and blue contrast?

Eco -Remon cookies - / ¥ 4,950

Lemon cookie pattern products areHerefrom♪

2nd place: World of kaleidoscope

In the second place, the world of kaleidoscope, a new pattern released in February this year, has been ranked in!

The beautiful pattern of pink, green, and blue is like a kaleidoscope that attracts you.

It will be the hottest pattern that was sold out at this year's cloth Marche.

Four. Voting ranking results: Dignified first place!

And here is the one who got the most votes from everyone! !

1st place: Eye pattern

The first place was an eye pattern (ripplant pattern), which has been popular since its establishment of the brand (Pachi Pachi Pichi ~)!

This pattern is an image of water drops that drip after drawing water in a well and ripples spread when pebbles are dropped.

In addition to cutting out such a moment of nature, it also has the meaning of "I do not know whether it is a good direction or a bad direction, but your actions will affect the surroundings in any case."

The eye pattern is handled by "Eye / Big Eye", both of which are immovable patterns.

Vacation dress -II Orange Blue & White Blue Orange- / ¥ 25,300


Mini Akello 38 -Big Eye Purple & Blue- / ¥ 12,980

Eye/big eye pattern productsHerefrom♪

○ Small story

In FY2022, we will also introduce the patterns that were purchased online sites.

3rd place: Swallow

Swallows are ranked 3rd!

The pattern that symbolizes various things such as changes, wealth, and freedom, but the most famous is that today's wealth does not guarantee tomorrow's wealth.

The money shows that the wings grow like this swallow, and if they are not firmly grasped, they will fly to the place they want to go.

It's a pattern that is packed with lessons of life!

Animal pattern is popular in any season! It's cute, isn't it?♪

Eco Medium -Toukame Green Yellow & White- / ¥ 3,520

Swallow pattern products areHerefrom♪

2nd: High Life

The second place is high life!

A pattern derived from the music genre "High Life" that originated in African countries, mainly English -speaking countries such as Ghana. High Life is a fusion of music in West Africa and Europeans and is a general term for popular music such as guitars, jazz, and brass bands.

By leaving it on the fabric in this way, it seems that this "high life spirit" is inherited to the next generation.

This pattern is unique, and even in the pop -up store, customers often stop saying "cute!"

It has a cool pattern and can be used as a unisex pattern.♪

Random Tack Skirt -High Life Light Blue- / ¥ 22,000

Products with high -life patternsHerefrom♪

1st place: Eye/Big Eye

After all, the most popular online site was an eye pattern!

Eye patterns have a lot of color variations and are overwhelmingly popular regardless of the season.♪

This time, the eye pattern ended up with the overwhelming victory, but it was an impression that it was so popular.

Five. in conclusion

RICCI EVERYDAY African plastic pattern ranking, how was it?

The pattern different from the pattern I expected was ranked in, so I was able to hold the ranking while having fun.

Thank you for your cooperation in the voting.♪

There are also pages that feature the story and meaning of other African plastic patterns that are not listed in the ranking, so those who are worried.HerePlease see.

In the Kagurazaka Showroom, you can actually see the pattern and choose. pleasePreliminary reservationPlease come. We'll be expecting you♪

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