African fashion discovery not in London

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's time for cherry blossoms now. Did you all see the cherry blossoms? Depending on your area, there may still be a place where the cherry blossoms remain.

This column is the second "African Fashion Discover In London" introducing Afcamprint and fashion that Washida, who is studying in London, met in London! If you are worried about what African fashion is like in a country other than Japan, I hope you can read it to the end!

(By the way, Washida is suffering from hay fever, lol, there are hay fever in London ... The nose and sneezing are painful ...).

This is a report that went to the exhibition "AFRICAN FASHION" held at Victoria & Albert Museum in the latter half of January.

In this exhibition, not only clothes and accessories are on display, as well as the history and changes of African fashion from the middle of the 20th century to the present, as well as visual art works such as projectors and photos.


I think that African fashion is often imagined, but the collaboration between African fashion and photos, and the African fashion and movie was very interesting. Music was also used in the movie, and African fashion had a good taste as part of the art.

In addition, I was able to find familiar clothing cloth in RICCI EVERYDAY in the clothes on display!

As shown in the photo below, there were "Learn in the classroom" and "ammonite", so I was excited alone. It's very fashionable! The depth of the African plint, which shows various faces depending on how it is processed with the same pattern, was shining.

Furthermore, this exhibition also exhibited many men's fashion.


Some of the Affcamp lines were used as a whole, while others were combined with modern fashion, so it was very cool!

What I was really excited about was a collaboration between African fashion and kimono!

It seems that the elements of Japanese kimonos are included in the fashion style of West Africa!


How was "African Fashion Discover in London"?

I think the exhibition of African fashion is quite unusual, so I wonder if you enjoyed it.

I have been studying abroad, but I want to go to as many African fashion related as possible, so I'm glad if you look forward to the next column again!

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