What day is "Africa Day"?

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

May is over today ... Golden Week and Mother's Day, and many events, and the feeling of fluttering a little, maybe they began to be calm?

Washida is currently studying in London, but in the United Kingdom, there were many holidays (bank holidays) in May, and it was a month when exciting was visible in the town.

In this column, I will introduce "African Day". Have you ever heard "Africa Day"?


1. What is Africa Day?

2. More deeply

3. At the end

1. What is Africa Day?

Every May 25 is Africa day.

The reason for May 25 is the day when the African Unification Organization (OAU), the predecessor of the African Union (au), was established on May 25, 1963.

It is an opportunity to reconfirm the commonality and further development of Africa every May 25.

This year 2023 was the 60th anniversary of 1963, which was established.

2. More deeply

Many people have heard the word au? If you are particularly interested in Africa, you may be used to listening.

Au is the world's largest regional institution inspired by the EU (European Union), aiming for political and economic bonds on the African continent, which consists of 55 African countries. It was established in 2002 as developing from OAU.

This year, the 60th anniversary of the establishment of OAU, we celebrated the development of Africa since the establishment of OAU in 1963, aiming for a sustainable development and development focusing on the Africa continent and Africa. It is also a year specified as a medium -term goal of "AGENDA 2063", and it is a year that triggered discussions for the future.

3. At the end

I often say Africa, but in fact, there are 54 countries (55 countries, including West Sahara), and it is a continent where a wide variety of people and culture are folded. However, on the other hand, I think it is true that Africa has many cultural and historical commonality.

AU, Japan, and African countries are also involved. This column may have had a strong academic color, but I wrote a column to provide a chance to think about Africa's history and development through culture, including Afcamprint.

Why don't you think about the connection between yourself and Africa once on Africa, Africa, where rapid development and the associated disparity problem emerges?


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