From 2023 -About this year's RICCI EVERYDAY-

Happy new year, everyone.
I'm Chitsu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

This year, the whole family gathered and enjoyed the New Year from New Year's Eve. How long have you been able to have such a good time? I didn't think that it was so precious that the time that people gathered and laughed without worrying was so bad. Thanks to you, I was able to spend a very fulfilling time and charge power.

So how do you spend the new year? Every year, at the beginning of the year, I set up my own goals with RICCI EVERYDAY (quite detailed) and check it every month (of course, I often forget it, but sweat).

I would like to write my goals that this year will be expanding the range of RICCI EVERYDAY activities in various directions.

I have been backwards to travel so far (I may think it's surprising, but I'm a basic indoor school. I'm going to go to Uganda a little different from traveling to the second home. I think), but I'm excited for a long time to jump out this year.

I would like to meet various manufacturing sites, not only in Uganda, but also in neighboring countries. We are planning to start the African continent version of Selected by C.

On the other hand, the place to sell our products is now in Japan, but we want to expand it overseas in the future. Since last year, I have been spraying the seeds little by little in the United States, Singapore, India, Taiwan, etc., so I wish I could form them. Although it is a small step, I would be glad if you could meet the fan of our products.

In addition, we will reach younger generations. As it has been talked about little by little since last year, the writer, Eri Eguchi, has compiled us in children's books for elementary and junior high school students. This book is scheduled to appear this spring (#The struggle of this book, named Nakamoto Uganda book, is very interesting.HerePlease see from. I think it will be very helpful for those who want to write in the future). I hope that young people can feel the fun of working with people with different values ​​and creating new value.

This year, we hope that we can deliver our messages and products beyond borders and generations. If you have any progress, let me introduce you here again.

We look forward to your continued support of RICCI EVERYDAY in 2023.

I wish you a wonderful year for everyone! Let's create a good future together!

RICCI EVERYDAY representative
Chizu Nakamoto

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