Finally completed! "I wanted this!" Apron development secret story born based on your ideas

Hello everyone. I'm Chitsu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

"" The other day, "online store"One -shoulder denim apronDid you see? Actually, this product was created while discussing with Uganda staff based on the opinions received from customers.

Today, I would like to introduce the characteristics of the apron and the secret story of development at once.

About one shoulder denim apron

The following five features of the one -shoulder denim apron that appeared this time!

① 2WAY apron that can be worn in reverse back and forth using African plints and denim

② There are many pockets and outstanding storage capacity

③ If you decide the knot of the string, you can wear it and wear it.

④ By tying the side string, adjustment according to the body type can be adjusted.

⑤ Design with mittens that is convenient when you have hot things! ?


Wouldn't this one -shoulder design be a unique design that you don't see much elsewhere?

The length is short and the slits are on the front and side, so the range of motion is wide and easy to move.


And you can bring African plints to the forefront according to the fashion of the day, or you can go in front of denim. Since the pocket is African plint, it is one point and it is very cute.

Initially, I was considering reversible design, but when reversible, the cloth would be thicker, heavy, and it would feel hot in summer, so I changed it to a 2 -way design that can be switched back and forth.

It is also a point that there are many pockets.

There are four on the front and two on the back side, so you can store various things such as mobile, fragment case, notepad, pen, and accessories.

It is also recommended as a work clothes for those who make something. You can store the necessary tools in your pocket.


And there is a ribbon string on the side. You can adjust the knot according to your body type.

Once you decide the knot, you can just wear it. The attachment and detachment will be easy.

Finally, it's not an exaggeration to say the highlight of this new apron, about the design with a kitchen mitton!


I'm usually a troublesome shop, and when I make a pot and bring it to the dining table, I put my hands on my clothes and carry the pot without kitchen mitons.

Did you care about me? This apron has a sponge sewn on the hem of the side, making it a thick fabric like a kitchen mitton!

I hit my knees unexpectedly.

"This is the best !!"

I still remember that the tension has risen.

This apron has become a dish filled with customer wisdom. By all means, I would be glad if you can use it as a work clothes as well as your home.

That until the development and this

The staff, who had been thinking of updating the apron that had been sold at RICCI EVERYDAY so far, said, "How about getting opinions from customers?"


I didn't use the apron very much (when I cooked, I forgot the existence of the apron and often stand in the kitchen), and I didn't know what design was best.

So let's meet with the customer! When I recruited, six customers rushed.

"I came from Houston, USA for this meeting! I will return tomorrow!"

There are really various backgrounds gathered, such as those who have the lightness of footwork that doubts their ears, artists, calligraphy teachers, those who have been staying abroad, etc. rice field.

I had a meeting place twice before it was completed, but every time there was a hot discussion, and we were also surprised at the height! The ideas that come out are also thought to be "certainly !!!"

"Su, it's amazing ..."

It was just time to think so. And it was simply fun.

Usually, I often have a design process, or only two people, Susan, a Uganda sample maker, but this time, I feel like I got a reassured reinforcements, and I am more enthusiastic than usual. It has entered.

And it was a great learning that we were able to build a new relationship between our customers and us. I would be grateful if you could lend your help from now on. Please tell me various things.

Thank you for your continued patronage of RICCI EVERYDAY.

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