Toward International Women's Day. RICCI EVERYDAY supports young women. "#UNSTOPPABLE -Wings are in yourself ~" Campaign starts!

Hello everyone. I'm Chitsu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

We, RICCI EVERYDAY, will start a project to support Japanese junior and senior high school students in conjunction with the International Women's Day on March 8 this year.

Until now, RICCI EVERYDAY has been working on empowerment through its brand for women of our generation in Japan and Uganda. Last year, in order to regain the connection between people who were divided by Corona, Japanese customers and Uganda staff connected them beyond space -time, "Penfrend Circle" We are Loved. "-Uganda. Let's send a letter to a woman. " I think I was able to create a connection with a sense of mind.

And this year, why we decided to send a message to Japanese junior and senior high school students, I was appalled after seeing a report. The report was published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.Future human resources vision"is.

I hope you can read the report for the specific content, but I thought that we could make use of what we have cultivated through businesses in the educational setting.

In the coming era, it must be said that various problems such as dispute, the spread of infectious diseases, and climate change will erupt, which will be highly uncertain (so).

Under such circumstances, what we have experienced with ourselves, in collaboration with people with different values ​​to create new value, and to realize the appearance of women. I think it can be one solution to survive.

I would like to drop the knowledge obtained in the business development into the content program and deliver it to more junior and senior high school students in our own way.

Specifically, we will proceed with the following projects.

  1. Content development and implementation that allows you to learn leadership based on diver city equity & inclusions for junior and senior high school girls
  2. Expansion of lecture activities in junior high and high school
  3. Participation in "Mirai Campus" president of Benesse
  4. Publication of books based on representative and Nakamoto

As a brand, we will start selling the 3WAY bag "My Wing Bag" that can be used by junior and senior high school students.

If you purchase this, you can receive a support message from someone in the world.


We plan to proceed with this project while involving not only us but also the RICCI EVERYDAY customers. Please join us!

The statement is summarized for this project. Please take a look here.

["#Unstoppable ~ Wings are in myself ~"]

For the 2023 International Women's Day, RICCI EVERYDAY will support young women in Japan.

When I recall the days I spent so far, there were times when it was fun, and sometimes I felt difficult to live.

While experiencing a variety of life events and physical condition changes, there were times when I was unable to pursue my own appearance while being obsessed with the stereotypes and social wisdom that spread in society.

At that time, I remembered that there was wings in myself.

You can always spread your wings and fly.

Of course, every day is not a blue sky, so it is difficult to fly.

I think there are times when the wings break on the way or want to take a break from flying.

In such a case, it is the turn of our adult generation.

Moderately to the wings, or provide a place to rest.

I would be glad if you could help you fly with peace of mind.

We will support the younger generation so that we can enjoy the great flight of life.


I would like to ask everyone who read this. Could you send a support message to empower young generations?

Words that you wanted when you were young, encouraging words, and words that you still have in your heart.

I would be glad if you could entrust such a message to us.

This pageWe are looking for messages from you. And I would like to deliver the gathered messages on the "My Wing Bag" to be released this time.

It may not be the only younger generation who can be encouraged by your words. It may be someone in our generation, just resting the wings.

This year, I would be glad if I could make the connection of women who empowered over generations with you.

We look forward to your participation.

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