Color, Power.

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Suddenly, what color do you like? I'm green, orange, and blue. The brand color of RICCI EVERYDAY is also based on the color around it. Even when you buy African prints, you may have naturally approached those colors (Bitter smile).

I came to be aware of the color when I entered a worldless world. In other words, it was a bank clerk era for a long time (laughs). As you can imagine, you spend a day wearing gray, navy, and black suits and pale cutsaws. In the profession of a bank clerk, the gorgeous appearance is not desirable, and I learned in a newcomer training to incorporate a reliable calm color.

However, when everyone was working in the same way every day, I was afraid that my personality would be lost. It was a time when there were 500 people in synchronization, but a suit with a color that everyone faces in the same direction and strives to work, and the symbol is not surprising. Until then, it was a honest culture shock for myself who had lived as I wanted.

I did not lose sight of myself and went to show that I was here, doing unusual clothes that others seemed to do. I chose clothes that would never be worn by bankers, such as the unique design that was said to be "T -● Revolution!" Of course, I was seen with strange eyes, but I feel proud of it. Wearing a bright color for me was a natural opportunity to think, "I don't have to adjust to my surroundings. I can be myself."

The word "color, Power." Born from such an experience is a magical word that creates my energy. I chose the brand tagline with the desire to have everyone with such an experience, "With the energy brought by color!"

And this time, it will lead to the "RICCI EVERYDAY Karaga Pawa Corde" project on Instagram, which you are already watching.

I have a favorite color and I want to wear it, but how to match it with the other items I have, whether it's a bit too strange, the way of matching is one pattern, etc. When I asked around, I realized that there were various issues related to colors.

We want you to incorporate your favorite colors in your life, and we want to support you as much as we can to make your daily life bright and fun. With the help of Ikuyo Sasaki, who was in charge of coordinating customers as a stylist in a directly managed store, we plan to select one theme color every month and propose styling to solve the issues related to that color.

May "Color, Power." Will be "magic" to brighten life! With such a wish, I would like to update it in the future. Please look forward to it!