A new line focusing on Uganda crafts, "NAWOLOVU(Naulov) "

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. Today, we will inform you about our new attempts to celebrate the 6th anniversary on August 26.

At RICCI EVERYDAY, I focused on Uganda's crafts.NAWOLOVU(Naulov) "will start a new line.

first "NAWOLOVU(Naulov) "" The word, which is a bit difficult to pronounce (bitter smile) is a word that means "chameleon".


If you start slowly, you can go far. Chameleon will eventually reach the city "

“NAWOLOVU(Naulov) "Behind the launch is the concept of the skillful skills of craftsmen scattered in Uganda, which had never seen the sun, and the concept of thinking about Japanese manufacturing, and their technology. There is a desire to transmit the goodness of the material to the world.

Even though the steps are slow, we should be aiming to aim for passionate craftsmen who meet there, cultural operations that have been going on for more than a thousand years, rich materials created by nature, and concepts in Japanese manufacturing. You may be able to see one end of the possible world. I gave this name in my heart.

Uganda, where the RICCI EVERYDAY workshop is located, has been often locked down since last year, as it was in Olympic players, as the spread of global infections. People are in trouble. Similarly, craftsmen who live in manufacturing and crafts are threatened to create creative activities and have no opportunity to introduce them to the market, despite the great skills.

Therefore, on RICCI EVERYDAY, a line that makes use of the skill of craftsmen.NAWOLOVU(Naulov) ", based on the background of the 2021 era, we decided to start the release and initiatives of new products.

Through this collection line, we will also start issues on "sustainability initiatives" in the fashion industry.

With various initiatives being searched, the purpose of product production and marketing at the foreground is the case, and the solution of issues in the production process may be postponed.

 “NAWOLOVU(Naulov)] will not only sell products, but also go back to the upstream of manufacturing with those who support RICCI EVERYDAY, and create content that realizes “sustainability” realistically. In addition, we will also challenge the creation of a mechanism in which the producers (Uganda's craftsman), the creator (RICCIEVERYDAY or the Japanese / Uganda designer), and the consumer (customer) are connected online.

The product is particular about the design that ticks the playfulness while attracting stylish impressions, and the overall color tone is suppressed, and the delicate color is made of the good material and technology. It also combines pale colors and can express femininity.

The first one isBurk Cross, a sustainable material that uses traditional wooden skin made in Uganda, is a functional design bag and miscellaneous goods that maximize its charm by craftsmen's skill.

What is Berk Cross?A material that stretches the wooden skin from a mutuba tree thinly like a cloth. Even if you use a wooden skin to make a bark cross, if you do it properly, a sturdy skin will be regenerated on the surface of the wood.

The work and technology cultivated for many years, which are carefully peeled off the tree, boiled the skin, boiled the skin, and stretched thinly with a hammer, are also registered as a World Intangible heritage. It was confirmed that Berk Cross was used in Uganda in the 12th century. It is a story a long time ago that cotton spreads in Uganda, and is also called "the oldest cloth in mankind".

For details on the product, look forward to the Friday column.


Our attempts may be reckless ...

“NAWOLOVU(Naulov), as the saying is the reason for the reason for the reason for the reason for "Naulov), it is around this time that we want to start the first time and see the new scenery that will arrive someday with you.

We look forward to your continued patronage of RICCI EVERYDAY.


Nakamoto Chitsu

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