Celebrating the 6th anniversary of the brand -Our new challenge ~

good evening everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

We RICCI EVERYDAY celebrated the 6th anniversary on August 26, 2021.

I am really grateful that the world will be in this new year as the world is rough due to the influence of the new colonavirus. I am very grateful that everyone who always supports me with the words of encouragement.

The sixth year of RICCI EVERYDAY was a year when I realized how difficult it was to operate in the corona. Until now, I went to Uganda as if going to a nearby cafe somewhere, but now it is not so easy. I felt a hurdle in traveling to Uganda, such as PCR tests, isolation, and response in case I was affected, and it was a big event that was exhausted by my mind and body.

On the day of arriving in Uganda after overcoming such a hard work, the president was issued a rock down, and when he was in Uganda, he was unable to go to the workshop, and when he was on a business trip last time, he thought he would go crazy (bitter smile). Since all such risks are swallowed, it can't be helped, but there was only an emptyness that said, "I'm in Uganda, but I can't do anything."

It was also a year of touching on the difficulties of Uganda people.

Due to the influence of the new Colonavirus, a strong lockdown (April 2020 / May 2020 / June to July 2021) loses its lively downtown. The shutters were all closed, and there were no people or cars, and they were quiet.

In the meantime, I think many people lost their jobs and couldn't pay their rent or couldn't live. Speaking around me, creators who mainly do business for foreign buyers also lose the market as well (because there are few foreigners who are sightseeing or work at this time) and do not fire employees. Some people were forced to be inevitable. What it was written in a letter left by Uganda's Olympic athletes may be new to your memory, but that's the reality of Uganda today.

That's why we can think of the meaning of doing business in Uganda. There is no way to do the same as before. How should more people can get a benefits in the future, what was completed only in their small workshops? I feel the need to change the business model while asking myself. So that everyone will be raised little by little and live with peace of mind ...

As the first step, the new line "" Uganda's crafts, craftsmanship, and the wonderful materials created by nature are new "new lines".NAWOLOVU"(Nawolov) was launched and decided to develop products. For more information,This columnplease look at.

I would like to provide an opportunity to involve as many producers as possible and have the skills to enhance the technology as much as possible. I would like to support them so that Uganda is known as a country of crafts.

We look forward to your continued patronage of RICCI EVERYDAY, which is in the seventh year.



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