October every day in Uganda Vol.1

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY. She came back to Uganda the other day. (Actually, I forgot her cell phone at her home and went to Narita ... I was really glad I had someone who came to Uganda by another flight ...)

Uganda is currently in the midst of the rainy season. There are days when it rains, and there are also terrible rainstorm days (even when waking up with the heavy bass of lightning dawn), and sometimes refreshing and calm days. However, it rains so much, so the green grows lush and make it feel vitality.

In the city, the liveliness was returning compared to the previous business trip. If you think that the traffic jams that you hate are doing some kind of economic activity, you may be grateful. I felt again that what was robbed by the last lockdown was big.

On the other hand, the major supermarkets that supported my QOL and the mobile phone company that I used for 7 years have withdrawn ... Unfortunately, the influence of the corona came here and appeared. Is it ...

The workshop staff and Hime were all fine. Since the current maternity leave staff will return this month, everyone will be available after a long time. On the first day of my workshop, the staff served a very tasty Uganda rice. It was extraordinary!

The first week has passed in a blink of an eye, as I had been reported in the absence, worked hard on troubleshooting, and had a meeting with Japan. 。 。 And from this week, we will start developing new product. What you want to make this time is 20 designs, from large to small ones! Of course, we plan to finish not only our workshop but also with about 10 partners. So how far can you proceed ... I'm looking forward to asking ...



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