"The world is more! 3 ~ I will continue to work beyond the sea! ~] Release commemoration! Shooting behind the story

good evening everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. October 27, Kadokawa -san, "The world is more! 3 ~ I will continue to work beyond the sea! ~] Has been released. In my part, I'm talking about the attractive materials found in African prints and Uganda, the background of the brand's founding and the thoughts of the brand.

This is a summary of the contents aired in March this year on the NHK "The world is full of things you want". Like the African plint, we have taken up very sustainable materials, such as paper beads and berk crosses, but are not very familiar in Japan, but in fact.

Above all, the coverage of Berk Cross was a memorable thing for me ... Actually, there was a turbulence from the search for a craftsman (bitter smile). Initially, I was promised to meet a craftsman in a place called Masaka for about two hours from the capital city of Campara, but I was told by the phone, "I got to Masaka? Then go straight down the road ..." In the half and a half, relying only on the guidance of the craftsman speaking over the phone (because it is not listed in Google Map), the border with Tanzania runs to the end of the eyes and the nose (and rattling road). When I finally met a craftsman, it was already crazy. It was full of mysterious relief, saying, "I'm glad I met ...!"

And I decided to have the craftsman God Free teaching how to make Berk Cross. Start from the point where the skin is peeled from the Mutuba tree, which is the source of Berk Cross (for detailsThis columnPlease read). While I was close to the process of making a berk cross using various techniques, "I see. I remember doing it.

In addition to Berk Cross, African Camp (Phantom Hamburger Pattern, it can no longer be found in local market! The stock of local market cloth changes dramatically in about a month, so it is just a once -in -a -lifetime meeting). Beads (A craftsman I met at a fly -day market made paper beads on the spot, but the tool used at that time was a part of the broken glasses pattern! Moved it skillfully and made a crisp paper beads. Her dexterous handling, such as her dexterous handling, is one of the exciting and exciting memories of being filmed. 。 Because of this encounter, I would like to continue this job in the future.

I hope that many people will know the manufacturing in Uganda, which is full of such charm, through this book. The Kindle version is also recommended because the photos are reflected neatly!

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