October every day in Uganda Vol.2

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY. She was thinking of writing more columns while staying in Uganda, but when I noticed I returned to Japan (bitter smile). Right now, we are in praise voluntary isolation. It is a day managed by the app.

In Uganda, I took a lot of time due to trouble shooting, and this time I couldn't fully promote new product development. Tohoho ...

What I always think when I'm doing troubleshooting is that if I give up on this problem, it's the end. But conversely, if I keep moving without giving up as the last fort, the possibility of a solution increases. Anyway, it is quick, speeding, and frequently check with the stakeholders. There were days when I couldn't sleep because I was nervous and anxious, but I came to think that it was important to move forward in the business anyway while facing these issues.

Meanwhile, the cohabitants took them to the Lodge on the Nile River in order to refresh. First, we toured the cocoa and vanilla farm run by a cohabitant, and then moved to the lodge. Play with six dogs, have delicious food, be healed by the superb view of the Nile, and talk around the campfire. I wasn't able to have such time due to the corona evil, but I was able to refresh my mind from my heart. I was really happy to celebrate the birthday with a surprise.

In this business trip, I had to do more, but I forgot by the technique of deadly oblivion ... but this time I was able to spend a really dense time. The next business trip is January next year. I want to prepare again now.

Meanwhile, sadlyContinuous suicide bomber in UgandaHas happened. First of all, I, my staff, and the local friends were all safe, so please be assured. I couldn't believe that it happened in the center of the capital of Uganda ... I was at least once a week (there were banks nearby or craft market). However, during my stay, a small terrorist attack was near the capital, and I felt somehow alert. Regarding a series of terrorist attacks, the anti -government organization ADF (Democratic Alliance) is involved. I would like to follow the details, such as their formation and connection with IS.

We look forward to your continued support of RICCI EVERYDAY.



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