This time, unique items are also available! Introducing SELECTED BY C products

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

at last! The products purchased on Uganda business trip the other day arrived in Japan and were able to show off at the online store on December 10. Until the product arrived, I was nervous, but this is safe. Today, I would like to introduce my personal recommendation among those items.

By the way, Selected by CThis is a plan to introduce an exciting craft purchased at a local select shop or craft market that traveled during your stay in Uganda.

Craft is mainly popular with tourists and foreigners, but in Uganda, where the tourism is hit by the corona, the craft market is also facing the same difficult situation. Under these circumstances, we decided to start the Selected by C series, as we decided to do what we could (connect producers and customers) so that artists could create something new.

  1. Bicycle of Jae Series: 3,190 yen

First of all, the bicycle of Jier series! This item, which was the most popular in Instagram in the Fly Day Market, expresses the daily life of people living in Uganda rural areas.

Bicycles are one of the important means of transportation in Uganda rural areas. It may be used for yourself, but it is used for a taxi, or for transporting luggage, and the use used.

The nice thing about this object is that it is faithfully expressed so that you can understand the local circumstances. For example, even if you carry a crop, you can carry a lot of matke (local staple food, a non -sweet banana), or carry a lot of bold eggs (in fact). When I see that she is carrying a woman, she is wearing her baby or she is a pregnant woman. If you think you have animals, it's a goat.

It is an exciting object that makes you feel like "I'm there!" It may be good as an interior! ?

  1. Colorful beads: 3.520 yen

An object made with Booding Technology, a traditional craft of Kenya Uganda. This time, the number of friends has been increased than the previous time, and new colleagues, such as hippo, rhinos, zebras, and holohoro birds, have also been added.

While combining wires and beads well, it is designed to make use of each characteristic.

It is also recommended to collect colorful animals and create a zoo at home.

What did you think. This time, we introduced a work where the sensitivity of local artists was alive.

What you feel in common with their works is that they have a great creative soul that has a great restriction on materials and technology, but tries to create wonderful things. You can make good use of the waste material, create another with the same material, and be overwhelmed by their ideas.

I hope that you can deliver that charm to everyone through Selected by C.

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