Looking back on RICCI EVERYDAY in 2021

good evening everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Finally, it has become New Year's Eve in 2021. To be honest, there is no real feeling that it is too fast to be New Year's Eve. One year is too fast ... what kind of time do you spend? This year, many people may have returned to their parents' house because they endured last year.

2021 was a turbulent year like last year. The influence of the new colonavirus is still accepted (the second lockdown in Uganda is issued in June to July, and Japan has extended an emergency declaration due to the spread of Delta shares), and in addition to the January President. I feel that it was a very difficult year, such as the confusion of the election and the management issues of Uganda's workshops.

In such a situation, local people are living in front of them, but the opportunities to listen to words such as "there is no work" and "it is difficult to live" has increased. I think the people who make craft (crafts) are particularly influenced. Since the traffic of foreigners, which is a buyer, has been cut off, there is no place to sell products and creative activities are not possible.

In response to this, the number of SELECTED BY C, which started to be able to continue their creative activities by introducing products to Japanese customers, increases the number of people who enjoy each time. , I also buy it every time.

In addition, while designing with the local creator, it was a good harvest to be aware of the new charm of Uganda's material while looking for a product. Berk Cross, about 1,000 years ago, has been produced in Uganda's kingdom, the oldest cloth in humanity, paper beads made by cutting paper one by one, and a weaving machine. I was able to encounter wonderful materials in line with the context of sustainability, which has been shouting loudly these days, such as the traditional cloth Kiki. And the RICCI EVERYDAY, which had been a full -colored African print, was able to boldly develop design development using new materials, because there were local creators who know the materials well, and the direction of the brand in the future. I think I was able to find it.

Next year, I would like to collaborate with local creators, create more products and convey the goodness of Uganda's traditional crafts to everyone in Japan. And I hope that Uganda's sightseeing in Uganda has been a full -colored gorilla, and I hope that a traditional crafts can be established as a tourism resource. I will write the details again next year.

Thank you very much for 2021. It is only for everyone who supports me that I can continue to challenge like this. I would like to have a happy day to go back and forth between Uganda and Japan next year so that we can meet your expectations.

We look forward to your continued patronage of RICCI EVERYDAY in 2022.

Have a good year.

RICCI EVERYDAY representative
Nakamoto Chitsu

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