2022 aspirations

Hello everyone.
I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

January is the last day, but I'm going to summarize the aspirations of 2022 at the last minute (Uganda time is still January 31, so please say that it's just barely OK).

I think this year will be a year for more people to know the diverse charm of Uganda.

Until now, RICCI EVERYDAY has often introduced products related to African plints. However, as I have mentioned since last year, Uganda has more attractive materials and craftsmen as well as African plints. Last year, trying to hit their existence on their existenceNAWOLOVU"I started the line. This year, I would like to convey the charm of Uganda's crafts while putting out a lot of products on the line.

In addition, even though it was conveyed, it was connected to you mainly with direct transmission from RICCI EVERYDAY, but this year, for more people, through collaboration with other brands who shared the same philosophy. I want to deliver a message.

On the other hand, in Uganda, while developing products with craftsmen and groups other than their own workshops, how to create an environment where they live a better life and work with peace of mind, and I would like to consider how to develop a traditional crafts in Uganda in the future, such as how to nurture professionalism in them.

If you can do so far, 2022 is good ... your goals may have a higher goal, but I would like to work hard all the time toward the Arctic star that RICCI EVERYDAY aims. I will do my best with all my might! ! !

Thank you for your cooperation in 2022.

I pray that it will be a wonderful year for everyone.

RICCI EVERYDAY representative
Nakamoto Chitsu