Treasure hunt once a week! Introducing SELECTED BY C products

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

This week, I would like to introduce the items I selected in Uganda, but I would like to introduce them. The reason for the flying is that "SELECTED by C" is an online event that will be held after I return from Uganda, but this time, I will start while I am in Uganda. Because it was a good time.

In this column, I would like to introduce the market I always go to. If you want to go sightseeing in Uganda someday, please take a look.

1. Where is the Fly Day Market held?

The Fly Day Market, as the name implies, is located every Friday in the OLD KAMPALA area (used to be called Kaddafi Mosque in the past. From the top of the tower here, you can overlook Campara city). It is a craft market held behind.There is no parking lot, so you need to go with Uber or have the driver wait somewhere else.

Hundreds of crafts (crafts) in East Africa gathered, and not only local people, but also tourists and buyers from overseas came to the Corona.

Some people sell what they brought from neighboring countries, while some producers sell their own ones directly, and specify their favorite designs and colors on the spot. You can make it made by it.

There are various things, such as accessories, figures, baskets, baskets, clothes, etc., and it's exciting just to look at it. I go almost every week, but I don't get tired of encounters with new ones.

I bought some products this time, so I will introduce them.

2. Masai Beads Red: 3,080 yen

Bracelet made of Masai beads. This coloring is always caught. really cute!

A regular, beads are connected, and one of the items that feels craftsmanship. When you put it in your hand, it shines very beautifully.

In spring and summer, it is nice to match T -shirts and dresses, and in the fall and winter, put on long sleeves. It is an item that you can wear throughout the year.

3. African continent puzzle: 1.980 yen

The African continent puzzle, one of the most popular items in the RICCI EVERYDAY regular flight service "Akero Box", is now available in Selected by C!

All 54 countries on the African continent have become puzzles. The difficulty level is high, and it is difficult for adults to complete! ? There is also a sense of accomplishment when it is completed.

It is also recommended to enjoy with your family and friends. Please try it.

The color of the animals drawn next to the African colorful symbolizes! Each is attractive and cute.

Completed ones are also recommended for decorating them as interiors.

  1. Masai beads, key chain, lizards & zebra: 880 yen

Lizards and zebras that live in Africa are expressed in beads to the details.

In Japan, lizards are also treated as a symbol of luck. Recommended items for reptile lovers! By the way, in my Uganda house, a lizard appears when I suddenly. I was surprised for a moment when I appeared in the shower room, but I was a lizard baby, so I spent a shower time together.

The zebra also seems to be reddenated ... surreal.

If you attach it to a bag or pouch, it will be one point and cute key chains.

There are many other products, so please by all meansHerePlease check it out.

What you feel in common with their works is that they have a great creative soul that has a great restriction on materials and technology, but tries to create wonderful things. You can make good use of the waste material, create another with the same material, and be overwhelmed by their ideas.

I hope that you can deliver that charm to everyone through Selected by C.

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