Happy Valentine! How to spend Valentine in Uganda

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Today is Valentine's Day (Uganda time). In the past, I used to distribute chocolate to the people around me, but recently various craft chocolate has come out, so I am looking forward to eating them and comparing them.

By the way, my recommendation this year is Farm of Africa, which is working on cacao cultivation to processing in Uganda.It is "Bean to Bonbon Chocolat UGANDA" of Chocolatier Palais, which uses kao. I was lucky to say Uganda, but as expected, the taste of the master! ! Everything was really delicious. If you have any recommended chocolate, please let me know. When I return to Japan, I want to buy it and compare it.

Well, Uganda's Valentine's Day, do you know how to spend? There are some parts similar to Japan, but it is a day when I spend a couple, such as going to a couple after work. Interesting is the clothes and wearing red and black! It looks like a red and black pair look, such as red shirts, black pants and skirts.

In addition, you sometimes give a red flower (rose). Speaking of which, when I was walking around the city of Uganda a few years ago, I remembered that a stranger gave a rose a rose and said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" If you say that casually, you will feel happy in an instant. I think that the open mind of Uganda is also showing that you can easily call out.

Please let me know how to spend Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day !!!

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