Uganda business trip

The other day, I returned from Uganda business trip for the first time in 7 months. I stay for about two months on my regular business trip, but this time I stayed for only one month because of the corona evil. You can safely promote new product development and local corporation management work locally.
I am looking forward to the new unveiling of 2021.

Today, I would like to summarize the miscellaneous feeling when traveling.


1. From departure from Japan to entering Uganda
2. The local state of the corona evil
3. Now and from now in our workshop


1. From departure from Japan to entering Uganda
First of all, it was honestly fluttering until I headed to Uganda. 。 。
At the end of September, the President announced that it would open the Uganda border, and immediately booked a flight. I had to undergo a PCR test within 72 hours of entry, so I made an inspection and undergone a test on the morning of the departure day. Select to be tested).
Receive the certificate in the evening and go to Narita as it is.

I was depressed that there would be various confirmation and tests when I entered the country, but it ended with unnecessary anxiety, and I just presented a certificate (and yellow -fever vaccine yellow card) and entered the country smoothly.
On the way to the hotel, I picked up my luggage and headed to the hotel, so I was able to get a job at 21:00, which was a ban on going out. A beat.
There were no two weeks isolation measures locally, but in the unlikely event, we thought about one week of voluntary isolation, and it was sunny and free.

2. The local state of the corona evil

I went out to the city at once, but it was surprisingly different from Corona. 。 。
Although the government is required by the government, is it only about 30 % who actually wear it? Many people seemed to have been working for economic activities as before.

However, even locally"New Normal" seems to be progressing little by littleFor example, shopping malls and banks always have security checkpoints, but there is a temperature inspection and finger disinfection, and local people often go to churches on weekends.(Christians account for 60 % of the total population), and appropriate measures seemed to have been taken, such as entry restrictions, mandatory masks, and securing social data.

Although the number of infected people has not increased to that much compared to Japan (as of the latter half of November, the latter half of 10,000 units), the number of tests is overwhelmingly small, so it is said that the actual infection may be much more. I am.

The problem is not only the spread of infection, butThat it has an impact on people's lives

Uganda started rock down from the end of March, and all domestic economic activities stopped in April. Regardless of the presence or absence of infected people, the operation of local companies, stores, factories, etc. was substantially prohibited (it would be good if the staff was operated on the premises, but it is open. ...).

According to an accountant, the income tax payment status in April was about 80%compared to the previous year. I know how to pay the salary to the local people.

It seems that the business has been resumed little by little from May and when I returned, some people still stayed without returning to work. I don't think there is any hunger because the food expenses are low, but other living costs (rent, medical expenses, education expenses, etc.) are high in the capital, so some people return to the countryside.
It may take a little more time for people's lives to be completely original.

3. Now and from now in our workshop

I will summarize our workshops.
In the studio after a long time, there was a figure that the staff did not change. When I went for the first time seven months later, I cheered each other and rejoiced with reunion.
And my beloved daughter (!) And my dog ​​Hime also expressed joy throughout my body. Running around the grounds of the workshop. I'm hugged while stroking, "I'm happy to meet you again!" !

He has been working on production for the last seven months, mainly in the production manager Susan, and shipped products for Japan (it was really unfortunate that the logistics did not stop). Really thank you!

In addition, I am glad to see the pregnancy of the two staff members, and the baby will be born soon! I want you to take maternity leave firmly and come to the workshop to show a healthy face with your baby again.

During the lockdown in April to June, the production in the workshop did not go as expected, and the staff and me were full of frustrating feelings. In April, the workshop was completely closed, and the staff living near the studio started to work in May, and in late June, public transportation revived and the staff who lived in the distance became available in July. Production has resumed.

Although it was very difficult in terms of corporate management, we continued to pay the salary during the lock -down period (in April closed, full covered in the company, paid digestion in May, compensation for closed in June). We looked for the best options while balancing the staff's life and corporate management.

After a few years, everyone talked to the team to do their best to survive the corona so that everyone could talk with a smile, "There was something like that." In the workshop, I was able to reconfirm again, including wearing masks, working while taking social detance, thorough hand washing after meals.

It was a quick business trip, but above all,It was the best harvest that I was able to see the staff who did not change in Corona.
I realized again that everyday is a thankful thing.

Next year, I'm thinking of staying in Uganda for about two months from the beginning of the year.
On January 14, next year, there is a big event, a presidential election, which seems to be more attention than the new Coronavirus. Opposition candidates are concerned that they may be more vulnerable than the previous election, with the support of young people, competing with the incumbent.
I would like to be able to proceed with my work quietly, taking care of my surroundings.

The staff will welcome you after conducting the temperature inspection and wearing a mask.
When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection at the alcohol gel near the door.

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