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I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Thank you for visiting the special feature in NEWS23, "African plinting to Japan.
How was the broadcast content? I think it's hard to imagine a Corona evil Uganda, but I'm glad if the local situation is transmitted through the video.

The number of infected people in the field is not so much compared to Japan, which is just over 22,000. Of course, it is not possible to compare simple because the number of tests itself is small, but when I visited it, there was a scene that was the same as the vibrant cityscape and the people who were traveling at first glance.

However, when I asked each and every one of them, there were many moments that were surprising than expected.
Those who have not paid any salary during lock -down, those who have not yet returned to work, and those who have lost their access to medical care due to restrictions on moving.
While being struggled in various ways, there were people who managed to work on their lives. However, if the school will resume and you have to pay the tuition, it will be difficult to see the worst composition that children cannot go to school after all.

Nevertheless, the government is full of heads next January.
There is no guarantee to the unemployed, and if the weak have no choice but to keep rolling, the chest really hurts.

And similar situations are expanding in Japan.
According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Basic National Life Basic Survey, 86.7%of the mother and child family complained of their needs, and at the same time, it was not alone. People answered that they had a phenomenon of income due to closed work and the economic impact of hiring.

In response to this situation, I've always been thinking about what I can do as a brand. Among them, Uganda first protected employment, protected employees and family lives, continuing production as before, and decided to produce a new mask in Japan.

However, after all, what we can involve in the business is "people with technology" among single mothers living in urban areas of Uganda and those who have been alienated in socially alienated like soldiers. In the Japanese mask business, there are only people who are not resistant to moving the sewing machine on a regular basis.
The real vulnerable is those who have no skill and cannot speak to be involved in the business, and are the best people who can survive today. In my current business, I feel angry at my helplessness, as to be able to involve people in such circumstances.

How should I face this hardship? I believe that there is no clear solution yet and we have to follow what we can see as we proceed in the business. Now I just want to go to the site (while paying attention to infection), repeatedly interacting with people and hitting literature, I want to gradually drop into the business. If you have a good idea, please let us know.

It was a bit of a crisp end,
We look forward to your continued support of RICCI EVERYDAY.
I can't lose to the new Corona!

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