At the end of 2020

good evening everyone.RICCI EVERYDAYThis is Chizu Nakamoto.

2020The year has also reached New Year's Eve. How are you all spending? Many people may not be able to return home this year and stay in Tokyo and go through the new year (I am one of them).

This year, an unprecedented pandemic has been an uncertainty that has never been experienced before. And I think the year when our lives and values ​​have changed so far.

 weRICCI EVERYDAYThere were many moments when the worst scenario crossed his head, hitting many walls and continuing the brand as it was.

 Uganda is also this year4Rockdown continued for several months from the month, and it was not possible to produce properly for the first few months.

If the lockdown continues as it is, do I have to dismiss the staff?

What will happen to the staff and their children?

I was hitting myself many times that I didn't answer.5As I continued my brand annually, I had such a sense of scary and never realized my helplessness.

 Despite such a situation, I was able to keep moving forward, so I was eagerly improved every day with customers who encouraged me to say, "Please do your best without losing Corona!" Thanks to the Japanese staff, and the Uganda staff who continued to move the sewing machine in the workshop, no matter how severe. Thank you very much.

With the urgent declaration, the pop -up store at directly managed stores and department stores has been closed one after another, increasing the importance of online channels. It was from this time that we started to communicate with our customers by enhancing online stores and doing Instagram on weekly (every Friday).20Time was a fun time in the week! )

After the emergency declaration was canceled, the directly managed store resumed the safety of customers and staff as a complete reservation system. At the same time, a new service called online customer service was born.

8Brand founded in the moon5I have reached a milestone of anniversary,RICCI EVERYDAYWe rebranded to determine the guidelines that support the future. We will continue to work on a world where women around the world can overcome stereotypes and social wisdom, find out what they want and realize.

The Akero Box, a subscription service that uses the five senses to reproduce the accidental encounters and awareness that have been lost due to the corona evil, have also started.

In addition, I witnessed the difficulty of living for Japanese women, and came to the mask production business now. Many people sympathize and deliver masks.

There is no drill if you arrange it.

There is no doubt that it was a painful year, but it was a year that we were able to challenge various things while repeating trial and error and searching for the best form for customers and Japan and Uganda staff. I feel while looking back on this year. I myself have grown up as a manager.

"Keep moving forward without giving up in any situation."

It is a word that has been bitten many times this year. I was supported by these words many times.

Now2021What year is the year? A fun and scary laugh. I would like to write again the determination of the year again, but I think that it is necessary to work under the water properly and continue to strengthen the organization.

Next year, we will do our best as a team so that we can deliver a design that makes you say something and a project that warms your heart.

continuation,RICCI EVERYDAYThank you for your cooperation.


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Nakamoto Chitsu

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