2021 aspirations

Hello everyone.RICCI EVERYDAYThis is Chizu Nakamoto.

4I'm on a flight now for the job starting in Uganda from a day. last time10I'm a little worried about the cabin and airports crowded than in the moon. 。 。 Everyone may be enjoying a holiday vacation.

2020As described on this blog for the year,RICCI EVERYDAYI think it was a series of difficulties.

However, when it was difficult, the warmth and enthusiasm of the surroundings were often aware of, and I was moved by my heart, and I realized again that I was in a blessed environment.

There is no doubt that this year will continue to be swung by the new Colona Wirus, but I hope that we can make a leap as a brand while boldly challenging the trust of those who support us.


RICCI EVERYDAYAs2021Here are the following summarization of focusing on the year.


  • Actively develop new designs and concept products, though it is a corona evil. Remember to further enhance the technical skills of the directly managed studio staff, increase the status of Uganda craftsmen, and explore the sustainable brands and possibilities.


  • SocialPRTo let more customers in Japan and overseas know the brand while borrowing the power, and deliver the products.


  • Instead of ending the relationship just by purchasing a product, it is to build a relationship that can share new awareness, surprise, and learning while continuing to connect in the future.


Anyway, I just hope that this pandemic will converge as soon as possible.

Even if it converges, I don't think it will return to exactly the same world as before. I would like to make efforts to continue to evolve in a better shape while accepting new concepts spread by corona.

2021Thank you for the year.

I wish you a wonderful year for everyone!


RICCI EVERYDAYrepresentative

Nakamoto Chitsu