Daily in Uganda, the first week of January Vol.1

January 4I came back to Uganda at the beginning of my work from the day.
This is in the midst of the dry season, and there is a hot day without rain.
The staff welcomed me with a refreshing smile that was refreshingly refreshing after Christmas vacation.

 For the first week, unexpectedly in the futureRICCI EVERYDAYIt is important to determine the direction of!?It was time. I found a new material.

To be honest, I didn't know about the material, and I used to adopt it as a trial before, but at that time the production system was not properly set up and I could put it on the track well. I didn't.

However, this time, we witnessed the production site of the material, understand how sustainable in the sustainable process, and have been nurtured as a culture of Uganda, but are still not dropped into context of modern fashion. I was able to get new awareness, such as the possibility (I feel) in the future.
I was able to rediscover the charm of the material.

It's still rough, and I have to improve the quality, and there's a lot of room to think about how to incorporate it into fashion, but I feel like it might be a major industry in Uganda (basically I). Laughs because there is a delusional habit).

Expect to ask for future development!


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