Daily in Uganda, 2nd week in January Vol.2

Speaking of the hot topic for Uganda people now, global pandemicCOVID19Not, this week14The presidential election held on a day.

Voting day(14th15Day)Is a national holiday, and it suddenly came down for me4It was a consecutive holiday (however, the government from the day before the voting to prevent the situation like "Arab Spring".SNSAccess to the voting day and the next day's election election voting are blocked all the Internet, and it is no longer possible to work.

 By the way, according to the information on the radio that leaked from the staff, what so far35Even if President Musebeni, who had been in the year's government, holds Robert Chagrani, the first opponent's opposition horse, is the former rapper who was active under the name Bobby Wine). It is said that the number of votes is dominant! ? ! ? ! ? ! real! ? ! ? !

 By the way, in this election, it was the first time that the identity was verified by fingerprint authentication, and the actual voting was checked on paper.
When the voting is over, the local residents will be gathered, the counting work will be performed in front of everyone, and the results will be sent to the election manager association after seeing the results.
Based on the results of the votes, the radio seems to be actively shouting, "Chagranani has won!"

After this, the following scenarios are as follows4Tsu.

  • As the radio, Chagrani is appointed president and the administration is delivered peacefully (low possibilities)
  • The radio has only a part of the results, and Mr. Musebeni is re -elected based on the actual result → a riot occurs and the military is suppressed.
  • Operate the counting results, Musebeni is re -elected → a riot occurs and the military is suppressed.
  • Mr. Chagrani will be the President, but a coup by the army led by Musebeni will occur → a riot occurs and the army is suppressed.

 Apparently, the atmosphere is likely to be done when counting the voting at the Election Management Committee.
③ may be a reasonable flow.

Most of the views are that riots and clashes with the army are inevitable, no matter what the result.
The Japanese embassy has been informed that if anything happens, the ambassador's residence will be opened as an evacuation site, and if it becomes a serious situation such as the outbreak of a civil war, there may be evacuation advice. 。

 When that happens, I should evacuate, how to ensure employee safety, and what about the equipment and products left in the studio. 。 。
I didn't stop when I started thinking, and yesterday I slept little after a long time.

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