Daily in Uganda Vol.3

It's been a while since the last column.

* Please see the following two articles that have already been published.
Daily in Uganda Vol.1

Daily in Uganda Vol.2
First, I will summarize the results of the presidential election.

 The result is the incumbent victory. I think it was completely an incumbent strategic win this time (as mentioned in the previous column, but the SNS regulations started about three days before the election, and the Internet was cut off the day before).

Since the announcement of the election results, the opposition horses have been complaining to the court to invalidate the election, but they have been arrested at home for a long time. If you are so thoroughly done so far, you will no longer be able to hit it. Meanwhile, people returned to their daily lives and no one talked about the elections (although the leading newspapers listed an article about horses every day).

 After the election, I returned to my usual life and work, and I was busy with new product development and various administrative procedures.
The administrative procedure, especially my work permit, was always a bother to my head, but this time my online procedures go smoothly, and it usually takes more than half a year in about a month. I was blessed with good luck. With this, it seems that I can work with confidence for the next two years.

Regarding new product development, we will have a lot of ideas from our customers at Instagram and make good things! (Some designs have not been decided yet, but they will be finished on the next business trip). Please look forward to it.

This time, I was able to work in Uganda for two months, despite the corona evil. I am very satisfied because I was able to do almost all agendas. The next time we plan to visit from late June to July.

One day with my in Uganda

7:30 Get up & email and Slack check
8:00 Breakfast & dressing & light exercise
9:00 Work to workshop with Uber
Meeting desk work at the workshop

16:00 Return home & early dinner
Walk and talk with house mate in the evening
19:00 Desk work
22:00 Watching a movie
24:00 I went to bed

 ・ When you are in Uganda, you have two meals a day (pinch dried fruits in between). Shopping is the Pharmers Market held every Saturday. Everything from fresh vegetables to eggs to meat. Easy to make soups and side dishes on weekends.

・ Uber is a convenient taxi arrangement system and can no longer be released. When I want to go around various places a day, I ask a taxi driver ISSA I know.

・ Mask is required when going out. For the time being, wearing is required (although few people care).

・ Night movement after 21:00 is prohibited in principle. After 21:00, police checks are laid in various places.

・ House mate is Farm of Africa Okano and Asai, who are producing and processing cacao and vanilla. Playing with two children (2 years old & 4 months) is a healing moment.

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