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How was the happy African fashion world?
There are only a few introduced this time, but when you come to Africa, you can meet a lot of fashion culture that shakes your heart.

First, let me introduce us again.
Since 2015, we have set up a directly managed workshop in the Uganda Republic in Africa and have worked with local women to make it. Now, the staff has more than 20 staff members, making many products every month and exporting them to Japan.

A professional team who is passionate about manufacturing and is thorough in producing high -quality products. I am working on my daily work while being proud of being delivered to Japanese customers and supporting my family through work (mostly a single mother living in urban areas).

On the other hand, in Japan, I am a variety of members, led by my mother, a co -founder and a co -founder, and operates pop -up stores at online stores, directly managed stores and department stores nationwide, and deliver products to you. Regardless of nationality, gender, or age, TEAM RICCI EVERYDAY works in Japan and Uganda while respecting each other.

The main material we use in manufacturing is African plint.

Colorful and playful African plints, like the Uganda local market, which came out in the program, mostly procured from the print factory in Ghana. Usually, there are factories in cloth prints that use a lot of chemicals, and unfortunately, unfortunately emissions harmful water without purifying them, and have adversely affected the surrounding environment.

However, at the Ghana factory we found, we not only prepared the latest equipment and purify clean water, but also reuse the water to use the resources effectively. If this fabric, which is exciting just by looking at it, is even more environmentally friendly, there will be no reason not to use it! I started importing.
Ghana African print with bright colors and unique motifs. There are traditional patterns that have a meaning that resonate with the heart, such as ripples, swallows, uma, and handcuffs, so I would be happy if you could enjoy it including the meaning.

And the bag using Berk Cross, the oldest cloth in Africa, introduced in this broadcast, is still being developed while repeated trial and error (the one introduced is the first sample. is).
Once completed, we will notify you again on the online store and SNS, so we hope you will wait patiently. Sales are scheduled around September.

Finally, I would like to talk a little about what we are aiming for.

Actually, I was on a business trip to Uganda until the other day, but during a business trip, there was a Uganda presidential election. However, the incumbent was re -elected by betraying the majority of expectations.

"Election results are fraudulent!" "Something is wrong!"

I heard such a voice everywhere after the election.

 The current situation where something is wrong but cannot be changed. The people who are suppressed by overwhelming power (I saw the tank running in the city for the first time in this business trip. I realized that there was no other way but to achieve hope, such as the French Revolution and Peasant's revolt, and I was desperate alone. "I have no choice but to accept this situation. I have to walk forward again from tomorrow."

At the same time, I wondered what the meaning of doing business in such a country. The obtained answer was that we wanted to be the hope of Uganda people, though I thought it was impressive.

 "Uganda seems to have an interesting brand with technical skills," it will be rumored all over the world.

Being the center of the industry that involves as many people as possible and supports their lives

Using various materials of Uganda to create a brand that can produce one and only value

 It's so magnificent that I don't know how to do it (bitter smile), but with such ambitions, I'm going one step forward today.
We look forward to your continued patronage of RICCI EVERYDAY.


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