Berk Cross Bag Development Diary Vol.1

I'm Chizu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.
Berk Cross, the oldest fabric in humanity introduced in the other day, "The world is full of things you want."
I think that many people are surprised that Ryohei Suzuki wraps around.

At RICCI EVERYDAY, we decided to proceed with the design of the bags used as the main material this time.

It is Berk CrossSustainable materialAnd, in the future, it may have the potential to change the mainstream of fashion.

"Public article" "Sustainable efforts in the fashion industry"Among theAs introduced, the development of materials that replacing leather around the world is currently underway.
For example, Pinatex using pineapple leaves and Samara using apple skin. In addition, various leather alternative materials derived from plants, such as mushrooms based on mushrooms, have been developed.

So why is such a material now?Visualized problems related to animal fur have been visualizedIs listed. It would be new to remember that high brands such as GUCCI stopped using fur.

the other one is,To put a load on the environment by keeping livestock such as cows and pigsIs being pointed out. However, it is difficult to remove livestock from modern life, so I think it would be nice to avoid extreme dependence and balance with alternative materials.

The moment I saw Berk Cross, I felt the possibility that it could be an alternative to leather.
The natural colors and rough textures created by discoloration naturally in the production process felt like a leather suede.

However, I think it is difficult to use the Berk Cross currently on Uganda's local market as it is. If you look closely, the first impression is that there are many issues to be solved in the production process, such as holes and thinness are not uniform. That's why I'm suddenly burning (laughs).

I think that my role is to breathe in a newly used material and shine the charm of the material. I will start by entering the production process, tuning little by little without breaking the tradition, and producing a higher quality bark cross.

In addition, the bags to be designed this time are not only Berk Cross, but also other materials that shine Uganda's craftsmanship.ALL UGANDA (All Uganda) bags that emit the charmI want to do it.
We plan to incorporate cow horns and 100%cotton fabrics.

The show is about August! ? (Laughing because the work is better if you decide on the buttocks).

 I will start this serialization column, hoping that I can share the pattern until I can make a bark cross bag.
I would be glad if you could enjoy it, including the things that will happen in Uganda and will be in the future.

 Next time, I would like to touch on the history of Berk Cross.


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