African print coordination Tips ~ Holiday edition ~

RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama Related Store) Member Sasaki.

It's a very cold day, but how about the area where you live? Please be careful.

Well, this timeWe will deliver the theme of seasonal African plint coordination TIPS -Holiday. Please enjoy the colorful African plint coordination.

1. Coordinates with Akero 4WAY -Rural / Sunset-
2. Coordinating with medium Akero-Energy-
3. Coordinates with mini -kero -secret key brown & green-
4. Akero Shet -Devil Green-Coordinates

1. AkelloCoordinates with 4WAY -Rural / Sunset -
The first coordination with Akero 4WAY.
I used itAkello Bag 4WAY -Randen / sunset-is.

The pink is a bright bag, the same colored cardigan, the bottoms are navy and have a tightening effect, and a gray muffler made of fluffy material is combined.

This is a colorful coordination by changing only the muffler. Which coordination do you like?

I feel that Akero 4WAY, which has a lot of luggage, is too big on holidays, but in winter, do you have a surprisingly large luggage such as mufflers, stalls, gloves? When you get on the room or train, it gets warmer and the size of Akero 4WAY is very convenient when you want to put a stall into a bag.
I have a lot of luggage all year round and the bag has the most.

2. Coordinates with medium Akero
Next is Medium Akero.- energy -Was used.

Satin pleated skirt, pure white hoodie, leather jacket, feet are holidays, so lightly with pink sneakers.
The key of the bag is the point.

Changing the bag into a clutch type, even though the coordination remains the same, makes it an adult -like atmosphere.

3. Coordinates with mini -kero -secret key brown & green-
Mini -keroSecret key brown & green-using.

The combination of pink x brown and pink x black is a very nice color match when the adult generation incorporates pink, so please try it.
It is especially recommended for winter coordination that tends to be dark tones.

Here, I changed the denim to a darker color. The atmosphere will be calm and cool.

4. Akero Shet -Devil Green-Coordinates
The last is Akero Shet. This is- Devil Green-is.

When going out on holidays sometimes, why not try a little style of dresses and jackets like this?
Recently, I have a lot of casual styles, but even if I go shopping in my neighborhood, I sometimes enjoy coordination in such a style, and I am conscious of not being too lazy. However, if you choose a bag that can give a casual feeling like an akeropo shet, you can make a well -balanced coordination that does not work too hard.

Here, combine the same dress with a down coat and high -cut sneakers, use a strap to use a strap to make it a shoulder and casually down.

You can change the straps and make them double and bring them in this style.

What did you think.
This time, I summarized it as African print coordination TIPS ~ holiday edition ~.
Even with the same bag, you can change the impression just by changing the accessories, or change the atmosphere simply by changing the way of holding the bag, and you can enjoy many ways in the coordination.

There is no correct answer in the coordination. We hope that African prints can be freely incorporated into your coordination and enjoy the fashionable holiday fashion.

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