Staff's What's in My Bag & Must Item Introduction Vol.5

I'm Takatsuki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

It's getting warmer. Plum flowers were blooming in the neighborhood. I feel the coming of spring.
This project is the staff What's in My Bag Vol. 5
Here are the contents of my bag I usually carry.

I didn't even notice it, but the contents of the bag are very colorful (laughs)
There seems to be no sense of unity, but there is a sense of unity that "my favorite thing" because it is a combination of my favorite color and because it is a design!
I will introduce one by one.

·pencil case
The retro pattern I bought in Taiwan is my favorite pen case. I love the friction pen.


At first glance, this playful felt design.

・ I Pad Mini
I bought it at a glance in the case. I love this colorful color combination.

I presented a RICCI EVERYDAY cloth to my grandmother who is a hobby of handicrafts. I love what I made with Hagile.

·Water bottle
If you look closely, it is a tropical pattern with a tiger drawn. I carry my bottle as much as possible for the environment.

I try to read it for 5 minutes a day. This book cover is my favorite one.


I love Rollbahn notebooks. I've been using RollBahn notebooks for 5 or six years, but I often couldn't use it until the last page, so this year, I made my own notebooks that I didn't use before! (Laughs) The comfort is very good for now.

Among them, my favorite must -have items

This drawstring! The most favorite point is the pom pom on the tip of the string.
According to her grandmother, "If you just make it a string, there is no trick!"
I got numb.

I used to carry only small items such as lips and mirrors, but now I have a big size feeling that I have brought alcohol solutions and wet tissue for disinfecting.

There is no problem if you have this pouch when you go out.

A plastic bag in the square case of the floral pattern is contained. This is also something that my grandmother made, and it is convenient to put the garbage that came out while going out.

Another favorite is this book cover. I'm not good at sewing, but I made it myself while telling her grandmother. (For that reason, there are places that are diagonal ...)
Did you notice that you have a white face? (Laughs) This is the face of a doll made by my grandmother.
Cute, put it on! I thought, but now it plays an important role in telling me which one is.

How was the contents of my bag?
Akello Bag 4WAY(-Gabyo-) is recommended because it has a lot of things and it is also one point of coordination.
It is a good accent for my coordination that tends to be monotone.

That's the contents of my bag. If you are surrounded by what you like, you will feel better.
Please let me know the contents of your bag.

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