Why don't you incorporate orange into the autumn outfit? - "RICCI EVERYDAY's Karaga Pawa Corde" Summary of September-


hello. This is Sasaki Ikuo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY members.

I took a course in September, and at that time, I heard that this year will be over 100 days.

Do you feel "100 days yet!"

Do you feel "only 100 days!"

Which one?

No matter which way I perceive it, I felt again that I wanted to make my daily life a fun and enjoyable thing.

By the way, I was surprised, "Hey, 100 days ...". Nothing surprisingly ...

Perhaps it was intuitively regarded unconsciously.

The introduction has become longer, but in this column, I will talk about the coordination introduced in September in the Instagram project "RICCI EVERYDAY".

The theme color for September is orange.

Then enjoy it to the end.

1. Coordination for the 1st week

2. Coordination for the second week

3. 3 -week coordination

4. Coordination for the fourth week

Five. summary

1. Coordination for the 1st week

The remaining summer season in early September. The orange cut -and -sew is combined with a navy jumper skirt and an eye pattern Akero bag 4WAY.

If you combine the warm color orange and the cold color navy, it will be a sharp outfit.
The bag is the same orange as the cut -and -sew, and the shoes are navy with the same navy as the skirt.
The bag with orange and brown is the point of autumn coordination.

Next is orange x pastel color coordination.
A mint green cardigan was combined with an autumn terracotta -based orange inner.

This is also a recommended color matching for the remaining summer season.

By adding mint green, it gives a refreshing impression + terracotta orange.

The bag is a mini -kero that is organized in orange, brown, and yellow color, and adds a more autumn atmosphere with a bag.
When it is difficult to select clothes at the turn of the season, coordinating the color of the accessories according to the season can give a sense of season.

When it is still hot to coordinate with autumn -like colors, try expressing the freshness and autumnness with orange+pastel colors.

2. Coordination for the second week

Next is the second week.


This isCoordinated with the theme "𝑂𝑟𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑒 𝑖𝑠 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑜𝑟 𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑜𝑟".


Under the theme of "Orange is The Happies", which is famous for the former Frank Sinatra, it is a coordination that looks like a light music of Frank Sinatra.

Choose an Akeropo Shet with a green ginkgo -like pattern on the orange area according to the bright orange dress.

It is an orange color and a ginkgo -like pattern, indicating that autumn is coming out right there.

A sense of unity by combining the orange of one -piece and the orange of the Akeropo Shet.
Furthermore, by putting on beige cardigan, you can create a calm atmosphere throughout the coordination.

Orange becomes mature when combined with colors such as beige or brown.

Pochette is actually an adult -like atmosphere when you hold it like a clutch!

Please try this too.

Next, here.


The theme is "Tetris".

This is a rough, casual and pop coordination with a T -shirt.

With T -shirts with various square patterns
Combine the Akero bag 4WAY with a square pattern and challenge the pattern ON pattern!

It looks like a tetris and it has become a pop coordination!

There is a difficult image when it comes to pattern ON pattern, but it looks surprisingly clear when the color and the shape of the pattern are combined.

Since the T -shirt and the Achido bag 4WAY were patterns, the pants and shoes were simply selected, and the whole coordination was sharpened.

It seems that you can easily go for a walk as it is, but the point of coordination is decided properly.

3. 3 week coordination


Pastel tone orange T -shirt troubles
・ It looks too casual ...
・ It looks like a room ...
I received a voice.

In such a case, if you combine black like this coordination, you can neutralize the sweetness and dress like an adult.
In addition, khaki x orange is a very compatible combination and a color scheme that balances casualness and mature.

Perfect for autumn coordination.

Pastel colors with a cute impression should be neutralized with black or khaki, and enjoy a greedy coordination that will come true for both casual and matureness.

Next, here.


Brown is a color created by mixing orange and yellow, so this combination is very familiar and you can easily create natural coordination.

With brown alignment, the vivid orange is somewhere natural and a relaxed dress.

And the orange scarf will do a good job to put the whole black gray knit on the brown dress.

The bag is the same as the color scheme of the coordinates, the yellow base accented, and the one is familiar to the coordination.

It is a large -format scarf that is used in this coordination that is a little difficult to choose clothes and is a little difficult to choose clothes.

Wrap the neck and coordinate accents, and when it is cold, put it on from your shoulder to replace it as a cardigan.

One of the pleasures of coordination is to incorporate the season from small items such as bags and scarves.

Four. 4 week coordination

The last week, the fourth week.

What kind of color should orange match? I was worried about that.
In such a case, if you combine the trendy ground color, it will be naturally organized.

In this coordination, brown pants are coordinated mainly with mini -kero with green and earth color.

By incorporating the earth color
A feeling of trend comes out and the fashion is greatly enhanced.
The chicken pattern of this mini -kero also reminds us of the ground and nature.

Please try coordination with orange x earth color x animal items.

Here is the last.


actuallyIf you wear it according to the TPO, the orange color is surprisingly easy to try.

Even in warm colors, it seems that the designers are said to be "orange if they are in trouble with color schemes!"
It gives a warm and cheerful image.

NavyteethIt has the effect of tightening the color that is easy to expand firmly, and is a color that goes well with orange.

This time, the bag is also selected in the bag with navy and orange.
Such a beautiful style has a delicate Akeropo Shet perfect.

Five. summary

How was it? The theme color in September was orange.

Orange is too claimed to coordinate, what color should I match? I would like to ask you about your worries.
I would be glad if this Karaga Pawa Corde would be helpful to solve such troubles.

The orange coordinates can be made mature with color matching, pattern matching, and small items, and the style of coordination is infinite.

Please enjoy the orange coordinates in the fall and the winter season.

Continue to your concerns and questions, and your coordination techniquesInstagramI would be happy if you could receive comments.

"Color, Power.", Let's enjoy infinite fashion!

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